Recipe: Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast, parfait, yogurt, fruits, berries, pretty, honey, healthy, clean eating, fitness, nutrition

It’s official.

It took a while but I have finally catapulted to the mason jar craze.

It’s all IKEA’s fault, really, for tempting me with these cute little mason jars that are airtight, cute and oh so cheap. For the time being, I’ve only bought two – the 0.5l Korken jar because it makes the ideal serving size for a parfait and a second larger one to try and recreate a Salad in a Jar. But I’m loving my jars so much that I might have to go back and grab a few more, especially the little ones!

So what else to do now, really, than to fill them up with all the goodness of a delicious breakfast parfait and enjoy how pretty they look and how good they taste? You can even make them up the night beforehand to take to work as breakfast-on-the-go. Perfect!

Breakfast, parfait, yogurt, fruits, berries, pretty, honey, healthy, clean eating, fitness, nutrition, mason jar

Breakfast Parfait:


One to two handfuls of blueberries, washed
Three to five large to medium sized strawberries, washed and quartered
Plain Greek yogurt (I used the Chobani brand, but any kind of brand will do!)
One to two handfuls of rolled oats
One to two handfuls of sunflower seeds
One handful of raisins


Line the base of the jar with the rolled oats, sunflower seeds and raisins. Drizzle with a little honey.

Next, add a layer of Greek yogurt on the top, using a teaspoon to smooth the yogurt out so it sits pretty in the jar. As you can see, I still have a little trouble with layering my yogurt smoothly! Oh well, practice makes perfect!

Add another drizzle of honey, then layer your strawberries on the top. Follow with another layer of yogurt.

Finally, top with blueberries and another quick drizzle of honey.

Dig in and enjoy!

Next, layer with strawberries.


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