Reading the Tarot for My Characters

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I’ve just finished working on a scene where a few of my characters get their fortunes told. And I’ve been having a lot of fun researching the meaning of the Tarot cards and figuring out which ones best suit my characters’ story arcs. (It’s been so much fun that I’m actually thinking of getting my own pack of cards!)

Doing Tarot readings for my characters has been a great way of helping me further flesh out their motivations, desires and conflicts because I need to find cards that foretell things like their past (or is it ‘past-tell’ when it comes to the past?), their future, their subconscious realm, their aspirations, the obstacle in their way, their fears and desires and so on.

It’s challenging because I need to find the right cards with the right meanings but also make it that little bit obscure enough that I don’t give away the whole game to my readers just yet – just hints! But it’s such a fun way of finding out more about my characters that I think I should start doing Tarot readings for all my characters in the future! (Pssst – some of my character have very dark fortunes. Lots of cards from the Swords suit and the like. Poor things!)


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