Rachel Khoo’s Red Wine Chicken

Red Wine Chicken on Plate 2

I remember being really intrigued when I first heard about Rachel Khoo’s cookery show, The Little Paris Kitchen (such a cute name, who wouldn’t be charmed instantly?) and even more intrigued to find out that the source of the show originated from Khoo’s own authentic little Paris kitchen where she served up meals to diners in her 21 square metre flat. When I then found out she also had a blog, I just had to go on the Internet and online stalk her find out what this was all about.

Right away, I knew I wanted to try some of the mouthwatering recipes Rachel had published on her site (or in this case, in the Daily Mail, gossip site of my workmates and I are terribly addicted to). My first opportunity came when J’s dad came by our house one day with a bag full of meat (he is a farmer and consequently was always coming by with a load of free, fresh meat – amazing!), including a whole chicken, I knew I wanted to make Rachel’s poulet roti au vin rouge. Or to us non-Gallic folk, red wine chicken!

Spring is quickly turning to summer on this side of the world but I wanted to make this chicken before it got too hot to even think about roasted creations. So this week, we took the chicken out to defrost, I got J to cut it up into several pieces for me and I set to work following Rachel’s recipe. I pretty much followed everything to the letter – except instead of using fresh marjoram and thyme, I had to settle for dried herbs out of our spice rack, and forgetting to remove the foil for the last 15 minutes so we didn’t get a nice crispy skin.

Red Wine Chicken in Tray

Other than those little mishaps, though, the poulet roti au vin rouge turned out quite well! Red wine always adds a little extra tang to meat and it was nice to have something different to the lemon flavoured roast chickens we usually have!




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