Portmans Autumn Collection


Can I take a little time out to say just how much I love the Aussie brand Portmans?

When I was younger, I never used to shop here – I’d skip this place over for younger brands like Tempt, Cotton On and Supre for cheaper, trendier clothes (which usually fall apart on me within a year). But now I can’t get enough of Portmans’ beautiful dresses and tops and skirts. They’re so beautiful and well done, I have such a hard time deciding whether I want to save an outfit for a night out or a weekend afternoon at a nice bar by the river or if I simply want to wear it to the office all the time! They fit almost every occasion! In fact, they’re great for putting together the wear-it-from-day-to-night look!

Another thing I love about Portmans is how the quality of their clothes are awesome, yet their prices never break the bank. All my girlfriends tease me now because they know most of my clothes come from Portmans but I can honestly say it’s really hard for me to walk into a Portmans store and not come out without buying at least two or three pieces!

Here are three gorgeous pieces I recently bought from their autumn collection:




How gorgeous and feminine is the Simone Scenic Fit dress with its cherry blossom print and full skirt panels? I bought this for a wedding we attended on the weekend – it was perfect!

I also bought the New York Skyline print dress which I thought was really cute. And, as my workmate pointed out later, it had a zip in the front so I could decide whether I want a low or high neckline! As high necklines don’t often suit me, I thought this was great! Now I can’t wait for the weekend to come so I can wear this out somewhere 🙂

Finally, I’ve been hunting for a really good, comfortable black trench coat for winter since my old one has got a hole in it that’s pretty much beyond repair. I was pretty sad as I’ve had my old black coat for ages and it’s been so good for winter and I’ve been wondering if I would ever be able to find another one like it. The sales assistant at Portmans brought out a few really neat black trench coats for me to try, but when I saw the Ponti trench on the rack, I knew this was it! It was almost exactly like my old coat! I almost didn’t want to try the other coats because I knew it was perfect, but I made myself try them all on – and they were all beautiful, but the Ponti was the One! Bring on winter now, I say, I’m ready for it! 🙂


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