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It’s been a while since I’ve last checked in and I wanted to share some truly awesome news!

I last posted about entering Pitch Wars, an online contest where aspiring writers can submit their completed, unpublished manuscripts for a two-month mentorship. Well, I’ve had some good news since – I’ve been picked as a mentee by the fabulous writer Joanna Hathaway!! (By the way, check out her gorgeous website and her debut book, Dark of the West, which is up for pre-order!)

I am so excited and so psyched about being a mentee! For the next two months, I’ll be working with Joanna to polish up my MS, The Scrappy Rascals and the Great Apocalyptic Race, and make it the best it can possibly be before the Agent Showcase on 1st November! (Squee)

We’re already three weeks into the mentorship and can I say I still can’t believe my luck at being Joanna’s mentee! Our writing styles are unbelievably similar and she too had experienced the same difficulties I’ve had in her own work. Needless  to say, I feel like I’m in really safe hands with Joanna! I also love how she nudges me out of my comfort zone to make changes to the Scrappy Rascals that takes the book to another level. She never outright tells me what to do but gives me suggestions and nudges me in the right direction, leaving me to brainstorm the solutions for the actual changes myself. She’s a true guiding light – and oh, did I mention she’s super, super nice and gorgeous?!?

I’m also psyched to be able to join my fellow mentees on our (secret!) Facebook Group where we’re able to cheer each other on during our revision process. One of my favourite things about Pitch Wars has definitely been the community – I’ve really enjoyed reaching out and making friends with so many other writers on the same path.

So I’m going to be busy over the next two months making revisions to my MS – and there’s quite a bit to get done, which leaves me in a slight panic over whether I can get it all done in the next six weeks! But this is definitely a once in a lifetime chance that I do not want to waste – so I’ll be setting aside the usual procrastination and getting down to some serious writing and revising. 🙂 Happy writing to everyone out there!


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