Inspiration: Weekend Reading

The Metal Mouth Diaries: The Perfect Smile

This is me two days ago: lying curled in foetal position in a dark room on a damp spring day. Whimpering, I am just able to send a quick text to my friend, S: “How do the plastic surgery women in LA do it???”

(Writing – Just Do It!!!)

Now, to balance out what I’ve just written in that last post, it’s always great when you’ve done a ton of research and you’ve outlined all your characters and their backgrounds and their motivations and desires and dislikes and needs and fears, and you’ve spent hours just lolling around on a big, fluffy rug in the sunshine and thinking up all kinds of plot lines and story lines and the Great Big Important Premise of your story. READ MORE

Notes from an aspiring author

Kristin Cashore, who is one of my all-time favourite writers (check out her books, Graceling, Fire and Bitterblue, and you will be blown away by her beautiful, lyrical, and incredibly well thought out writing, not to mention her amazing characters) has written about her writing process on her blog. READ MORE

Gay Marriage Walks the Revolutionary Road

What is happening in the world lately?

At a time when shows like Will & Grace and Modern Family celebrate gay life as a norm, when mainstream artists like Lady Gaga are not afraid to champion the LGBT community in their hit songs and celebrity couples like Patrick Neil Harris and David Burtka, or Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, are proudly walking the red carpet hand-in-hand, surely we as a society are finally moving on with the times and growing less judgmental on those who are different from us? READ MORE

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