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Your To-Do List Before You Even Start Booking Your Flights

Passport Check Travel

Even in today’s world of budget flights (which are pretty awesome and have allowed me to travel in a way that I never could in a pre-budget flight world), plane tickets can take quite a hefty bite out of your bank account. And they’re pretty hard – make that impossible – to refund. So to avoid any mishaps and ensure that your money goes where it’s supposed to (Fun Stuff to Do on Holiday), get this check list ticked off first: READ MORE

The Words

Can’t wait for Bradley Cooper’s new movie, The Words, to come out in cinemas! The trailer in itself is gorgeous and the premise is pretty darn intriguing, not to mention the fact that it totally highlights the fears and uncertainties facing every aspiring author! And how amazing is the cast list – Jeremy Irons, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde – and, of course, Mr Gorgeous himself, Bradley Cooper!

Dispatch: Portobello Market, London

Portobello Goodies

Portobello Quiches

More Quiches

Walking through London’s Portobello Market, there were so many things for sale that we would have bought if it wasn’t for the question of how we were going to ship porcelain dishware and Singer sewing machines back to Australia! What we did manage to take with us? Portobello’s yummy eatables (in our stomachs).

Summer Fruit Juice

Day three after my teeth extraction surgery: My mouth is still a little bit sore and I still can’t touch solid food. But I’m sick to death of soups in cans and packaged mousses.

Luckily, I’d stocked up my fridge the day before the surgery with strawberries, kiwis and mandarins. There was also the end bit of a cucumber, an avocado, and a couple of green apples leftover. Today is a lovely warm day, more summer than spring, so what better time than now to whip up a yummy hand blended fruit juice?

Fresh Hand Blended Summer Fruit Juice.

Summer Juice


  • Two green apples
  • A handful of strawberries (I used about six really large ones. No, seriously. They were like mutant strawberries!)
  • One sweet mandarin (divested of any seeds)
  • A cucumber (I didn’t use much, just the end bit that was left in my fridge)
  • Water

Summer Fruit Juice Chopping Board Ingredients


One hand blender, knife, chopping board.
Summer Fruit Juice Blender


Roughly chop up the apples, strawberries, mandarin and cucumber into small, blend-able pieces. Blend the fruit pieces with your hand blender in batches, adding water where necessary to help ‘liquefy’ the process and make blending easier.

With this recipe, the strawberries and mandarins are pretty soft and mushy with lots of juice, so I didn’t need to add a lot of water.

And there you have it – a refreshing summer berry juice. Easy!

Tip: You can also use almond milk or yoghurt to make this juice into a smoothie!

Summer Fruit Juice Mandarins


Inspiration: Lazy Sunday

Have yourself a lazy Sunday
Sometimes, a girl just has to treat herself to a lazy Sunday…sleeping in, reading mags and a favorite book, jotting down her dreams in her journal and having a good cup of tea.

Inspiration: Weekend Reading

The Metal Mouth Diaries: The Perfect Smile

This is me two days ago: lying curled in foetal position in a dark room on a damp spring day. Whimpering, I am just able to send a quick text to my friend, S: “How do the plastic surgery women in LA do it???”

(Writing – Just Do It!!!)

Now, to balance out what I’ve just written in that last post, it’s always great when you’ve done a ton of research and you’ve outlined all your characters and their backgrounds and their motivations and desires and dislikes and needs and fears, and you’ve spent hours just lolling around on a big, fluffy rug in the sunshine and thinking up all kinds of plot lines and story lines and the Great Big Important Premise of your story. READ MORE

Notes from an aspiring author

Kristin Cashore, who is one of my all-time favourite writers (check out her books, Graceling, Fire and Bitterblue, and you will be blown away by her beautiful, lyrical, and incredibly well thought out writing, not to mention her amazing characters) has written about her writing process on her blog. READ MORE