Artist Date: Exploring Tutankhamun’s Treasures

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Who here is not a fan of Ancient Egypt and its amazing cultural relics? I don’t think I know anybody who isn’t a fan and I’m always excited when a new exhibition featuring more Ancient Egyptian treasures rolls into town. This latest one is Tutankhamun – His Tomb and Treasures. It’s not a showcase of the actual treasures itself but reproductions of the items found in the tomb and last week I went to check it out on my first artist’s date of 2017. READ MORE

Five Steps to Making Today Your Favourite Day

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I love this quote and I think it’s great especially for a Monday. We moan so much about Monday, but I think if we really aren’t looking forward to the start of the week, there’s something wrong here and we need to change it. We should be looking forward to starting a new week!

And sometimes it’s not that we loathe Mondays but that we’ve let ourselves get talked into this mindset that we ought to hate Mondays. And since we’ve allowed ourselves to go along with this false mindset, it’s sometimes hard to get out of it.

So here’s some ways for waking up loving today – and especially for loving those ‘Monday todays’: READ MORE

Recipe: Summer Corn Salad

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As we progress further into January, everyone’s talking about getting back on the healthy bandwagon after falling off (with champagne and lots of fun) for December’s festive debauchery.

It’s summertime here in Australia so it’s also the perfect time to enjoy some delicious, refreshing salads! READ MORE

Book Review: Murder Underground by Mavis Doriel Hay

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It’s time for more book reviews of the British Library Crime Classics!

One author which I discovered through the BLCC that I really liked is Mavis Doriel Hay. Of all the BLCC books I’ve read so far, hers have probably come closest to the bar set by my beloved Agatha Christie. Sadly, Hay only ever wrote three crime novels in her lifetime. Her third and last novel was published just a few years before WWII began. READ MORE

Writing Wednesday: If You Want to Be A Writer

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Book Review: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Over the past few months, I’ve been feeling a definite dearth of creative inspiration. Some of it’s to do with feeling the blues over rejections for my last piece of work, some of it is from a general creative block and also a lack of inspiration over the new projects I’ve been trying to move onto. Basically, I’ve been feeling flat, uninspired and pretty worried about it at all.

Well, no better time than now, then, to pick up Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  READ MORE

Monday Motivation: Change Your Life Today

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2017 Resolution: A Sketch A Day

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So I’ve already spoken about my reading resolution for 2017. But I have one other resolution for the new year and that is to attempt a sketch a day for 2017!

I used to draw heaps when I was younger and even tried my hand at creating some anime graphic novels. I eventually returned to writing instead because drawing a single scene took up so much more time than writing ever did and I was impatient to get my story down as fast as possible. But every now and then the itch to draw hits me again and I find myself longing for a sketchbook and some pencils. READ MORE

2017 Reading Resolution: A Philosophy Book a Month

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We’re creeping toward the end of the first week of the new year and it’s time to announce my reading resolution for 2017. Can you guess what it is?

Yup, this year I’m aiming to read 12 philosophy books in 12 months!

Like with science, I’ve been meaning to learn more about the subject of philosophy, or philosophia (literally, the love of wisdom) for ages. I’ve made some headway previously after having read Rebecca Goldstein’s Plato at the Googleplex and Jostein Gaarder’s Sophie’s World. The latter, in particular, is a favourite of mine and one I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about philosophy, but is uncertain where to start. Like my first book for my 2016 science reads resolution, Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything, Sophie’s World provides a marvellous basic overview of the history of philosophy. The only reason why I’m not including this in my 2017 philosophy reads is because I’ve already read it and it seems a little negligent to re-read it here. But if you’re looking to start learning about philosophy, I would definitely recommend Sophie’s World as a starting point. READ MORE

What I Learned from Reading a Science Book A Month in 2016

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So. I finally did it. I stuck to my new year’s resolution and read a science book a month for 2016. 12 science books. 12 months. Done and dusted. Mission accomplished.

I have to admit, I was really surprised that I managed to achieve this! I thought I’d give up halfway through, that I’d forget about it or find the books too hard to follow – or bother trying to follow -and eventually instead return to another re-read of Harry Potter. (Which I ended up doing too, but I also managed to finish my science books aka my homework of 2016! 😉 )

But that’s the beauty of today’s popular science books, though. One thing I’ve learned this year is just how many popular science books there are out there and how they manage to explain everything in nice, easy-to-understand layman metaphors.  And believe me, this is coming from the girl who struggled through algebra and didn’t touch one science subject outside of the general science classes – no physics, no geometry, no chemistry, no nothing. I somehow managed to scrap through school while understanding nearly zero about science. READ MORE