New Year Planning: Volt Planner

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I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

We’re now in that strange limbo period between Christmas and New Year’s where everyone’s recovering from the Christmas splurge and making plans for next year. There’s a new sense of anticipation in the air, anticipation of wiping the slate clean and making fresh starts. And of course resolutions!

I didn’t bother buying a diary in 2016 because I’m not very good at filling them in. However, 2016 ended up being the year where I did wish I bought a diary just to keep track of everything that’s been happening. I was very disorganised, especially toward the latter part of the year! So as the weeks counted down to 2017, I started eagerly searching for an appropriate planner. I had a vague idea of what I wanted because I had seen pictures of the Spark Notebook pop up on my social media feed a few times. I researched the Spark Notebook and found it has now been reformed as the 2017 Volt Planner by ink+volt.

The Volt Planner, originally known as the Spark Notebook, was designed by Kate Madsudaira on her mission to create the perfect journal. And I would have to say she has pretty much achieved it! Mind you, the price is also a product of her efforts, costing just under AUD$90 for the notebook, plus shipping. I don’t mind telling you I took a big gulp as I paid the price, but thus far I have not regretted paying a single cent. I was in love with the journal the moment it arrived and spent a good few hours poring over the pages and filling the blanks!

Some of the pages I love in the book include areas for brainstorming over my 2017 theme and goals, monthly and weekly challenges, weekly inspirations and lovely big spaces to fill out my activities for morning, noon and night of each day. It can seem a tad overwhelming at first, but ink+volt has also provided nifty little field guides on how to make the most out of your planner.

The 2017 Volt Planner is definitely a journal of the luxury range. I love the feel of the cover and the thick, acid-proof and ink-proof pages. I do wish the cover could have been embossed with a little gold in the front, just to give it a little bit of a sophisticated decorative feel, as the plain black cover is, well, rather plain.

Another thing I do love is how the planner is designed to lay flat whatever page you’re on. No pesky pages springing up, causing you to lose your place in the book just as you’re trying to write something down!

I had a lot of fun filling in my goals and brainstorming for the kind of year I want 2017 to be. I intend to use my journal to keep track of both my blogging, social and writing activities and I have a feeling it’s going to be one very well-used diary come the end of 2017. It’s definitely getting me hyped up and ready for the new year! I think ‘intentional’ is going to be one of my key words for 2017 and this Volt Planner is going to help me get there!



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