New running shoes!

Check out my new running sneaks!

Saucony Hurricane Front View

I’m pretty excited over my new shoes. The old ones were getting pretty worn out – holes were about to appear, traction had worn down and the cushioning had worn thin, thereby increasing the impact shock on my ankles and knees each time my feet hit the ground. So I headed over to the Athlete’s Foot to get a new pair.

I love the Athlete’s Foot because their shop assistants are trained to help you get the best kind of foot gear for the activity you want to participate in. As I sat on the bench, getting my feet measured for my running shoes, I could hear another shop assistant assisting the woman beside me in getting the right shoes for netball.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting the right shoes, especially for running. When I first started running, I used to hurt myself all the time – and a major reason for injury was because I wasn’t wearing the right kind of shoes. Since I was into running, I needed a light shoe that will give me the right kind of support and one which suits my particular arch type.

Saucony Hurricane 15

The assistant began with measuring my feet. My feet were about 6.5 so she got me a size 7 shoe that I could wear easily with socks. She also took a Fitprint analysis of my feet where I walk over a pressure sensitive pad. The pad then transmits the information to a computer which shows where I put the most pressure on my feet – for me, I tended to roll my feet inward when I walked or ran. She then recommended the best kind of shoes to suit my needs.

I’ve already been to the Athlete’s Foot twice so I knew what kind of shoes I needed. I wanted to stick with the Saucony brand, which the Athlete’s Foot first recommended for me. I love Saucony because their shoes are tailored especially to runners – I love how their shoes are always light but provide great support – and I’ve never had an injury since I started wearing them. My last pair, the Saucony ProGrid Phoenix 5, was no longer available so I got the Saucony Hurricane 15 which comes in a pretty wicked muted silver, peppermint green and bright pink colour combo (although now I’ve gone on the website and seen the blue, yellow and black combo, I wish I could have that combo too!). I also got a pair of Orthaheel shock absorber insoles to wear inside my sneaks.

My sneakers plus the insoles ended up costing me a pretty cool $289.90 (the shoes cost $239.95 and the shock absorbers were $49.90). I know it’s a lot but I highly recommend spending that much on getting properly fitted out running shoes at a professional athlete’s store – it’s worth it because your shoes will last you up to a year, depending on how much you run, and it will prevent you from getting so many injuries when you’re running. I know, I know – whoever said running was a sport you could enjoy for free? And remember – it’s only a once in a year price.

Saucony Hurricane 15 side view

I can’t wait to start breaking in these shoes – and I’ll make sure to have a review of the shoes for you guys after I’ve tested them on a few runs!


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