NaNoWriMo 2016 Experience: Week Four


So it happened. My first NaNoWrimo experience officially came to an end last week.

What did I think of it?

Well, I’ll put up a post about this next, but first things first: my recap of NaNoWriMo: the fourth and final week! (Technically, also the fifth and final week as November stretched out to half of a fifth week, but let’s not nitpick here.)



Monday, 21st November:

We’re getting so close, I can feel it in my bones! Spurred on by my Sunday success at the end of Week 3, I manage to type out 3503 words. There must be something about the end/beginning of the week – it seems to be when I’m most productive….

Tuesday, 22nd November:

Today is a day of work and social obligations so zero words written today. I don’t mind this too much as I am pretty pleased with my progress over the last two days. A well-deserved break is in order!

Wednesday, 23rd November:

I’m feeling a little lazy today, but I manage to settle down with my laptop and churn out 1255 words. It’s not much, but when I added it to my final word count, I could not believe my eyes at the resulting sum.

I’ve hit 51,564 words!!

I’ve hit my goal of 50k for NaNoWriMo, plus a little more! Woohoo! I do a happy dance around the room. (Okay, maybe I just did a happy dance from the sofa). NaNoWriMo goal accomplished!!

I’m pretty pleased with myself. I never thought I’d be done and dusted by the 23rd – if anything, knowing myself, I thought I’d procrastinate until the very end and then struggle to get to 50k in an orgy of writing in the last two or three days of November.

Despite having written 50k words, I still have quite a bit more to go though before this story is done. Still, I’m proud and happy with my progress. I never expect I’d be able to write so much in less than a month’s time.

And of course… right after I hit the 50k, as if to make up for all the productivity I’ve shown, I collapse right away and fell down the great big black hole of apathy from which I am still sluggishly withdrawing. Of course, I could have spend the rest of NaNoWriMo putting that extra time to good use, writing and editing, but oh no, I chose instead to be lazy, as if all that previous productivity was just too much for me.

As you might say, typical me…

But, hey, at least I’ve got my 50k done! And now I’m ready to start work again, writing and editing.

Stay tuned for my next post on reflections of what I’ve learned from NaNoWrimo!

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