NaNoWriMo 2016 Experience: Week 2

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Week 2 of NaNoWriMo is over and we’re well into week 3 now. How’s everyone going?

There were many false starts this week and the twin spectres of procrastination and laziness remained my constant companions. These spectres warred constantly as well with my guilty conscience reminding me that I’ve got public accountability with NaNoWriMo. While I did force myself to turn on the laptop and struggled out a few scenes, it was nowhere near the high of the first week and it ended feeling like I could have done better. Here’s a recap below:

Monday, 7th October:

Still recovering from the champagne debauchery of the weekend. Monday is a lazy day and I didn’t feel like writing at all. Finally got my ass into gear and wrote a grand total of 1424 words before I went to bed. Not as good as I was hoping for, but still not too shabby.

Tuesday, 8th October:

The struggle is real. Procrastination is hitting me hard. I’m reading books, texting friends, stuffing my face with food, napping, doing anything I could possibly do but write.

Still, like I said, with NaNoWriMo’ and my blog weekly accountability in mind, I very reluctantly turned on my laptop. I only planned to put out one or two thousand words before I hit the hay, but I got caught up in an exciting scene and to my elation, managed to turn out 4106 words. All right! We’re getting back on track!

Wednesday, 9th October:

Aaaand we’re back offtrack. Though the US is not my country, I was tuned into the live election count all day and got caught up with all the high emotions of the event. It was, quite frankly, exhausting and I ended up going to bed cursing politics and without having written a word. 0 words written today.

Thursday, 10th October: 

Started the day with the good intentions of going for a run after work, making a healthy meal, writing some blog posts and getting a huge amount of writing done. Instead, I lay on the sofa and napped, watched the sun go down and was completely riveted reading Revenger by Alastair Reynolds (book review to come soon!). So basically other than going to work and finishing Revenger, I did absolutely zilch on my to-do list. I did, however, guilty turn on the laptop about an hour before bedtime. Once again, I struggled to write at the beginning but I did manage to turn in 2688 words before I went to bed so that’s not too shabby for an otherwise slack day!

Friday, 11th October:

Decided I really must try for some semblance of productivity today. I forced myself outside for a long run/walk. The weather is still relatively cool this week so I cook up some delicious dumpling noodles in a broth with veggies and mushrooms. I may or may not have procrastinated a little between dinner and write time because Harry Potter and Jurassic Park 2 were both on TV. But finally I switch off the TV and turn to the laptop – but I end up working on some long overdue blog posts instead.

Finally, at about 10 o’clock I sit down to write. It’s a scene that’s been brewing in my head for a long time so it doesn’t take too long for the words to flow from mind to page. I finish the scene, pleased with myself, and glance at the clock. Exactly 11.59am! I have less than a minute to get my word count into the NaNoWrimo dashboard! I reach for my mouse but I’m all fumble fingers at the moment and the clock change over to 12am, Saturday morning, before I can enter my word count. I groan because I know now it’s going to count as a Saturday word count, not a Friday word count. I could always go back and re-edit via the day-by-day settings but I don’t because I’m lazy and can’t be arsed. Also, I’m sure I’d get impatient and hit the wrong button and put my entire word count so far at jeopardy in some way. So I don’t screw with it and accept instead that the 2091 words I wrote for Friday will instead go to Saturday’s count.

Saturday, 12th October: 

Much of the day is spent on social obligations so it’s not actually till the evening that I finally sit down to get some writing done. I manage to get about 2141 words done, which I think counts as average for me. So nothing to write home about but still better than nothing!

Sunday, 13th October:

A mild disagreement with a family member left me feeling rather unsettled for the day and I ended up not writing anything. 0 words today and boy am I glad this week is over. It’s been a strange week, to say the least.

Total word count for Week 2 of NaNoWriMo: 12,450 words

Summary of Week Two: 

I really could have done better this week. I felt like I had a lot of time I could have devoted to writing but I squandered most of it being lazy and procrastinating. I  went three days without writing! The one thing that did get me writing though was knowing I was being held accountable online. Accountability always works a treat! Still, it’s not my best effort so here’s hoping next week will be a better, more productive week.



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