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Florence and the Machine, How Big How Blue How BeautifulThe PreaturesFKA Twigs

She’s baaaack! Florence and the Machine is back and I already can’t get enough of the title cut, How Big How Blue How Beautiful. Those uplifting trumpets! I’m not so sure about the first track off the album, What Kind of Man, it’s not quite catching me the same way her other songs do, but I’m still hanging out for her full album with full anticipation. Hooray for Florence!

I’ve been listening to The Preatures, an Australian band, on the radio throughout most of last year but I didn’t realise just who they were  until they came out with Ordinary. Then I kind of put two and two together and realised they were also the band behind songs like Somebody’s Talking, Is This How You Feel?, and Manic Baby. They make me think of a mix of Haim, Band of Skulls and The Kills, for some reason.

Another artist whose songs I’ve been listening to on the radio but didn’t realise until now who the artist was is FKA Twigs. Her songs struck me as rather pop-ish and R&B in the beginning, but after watching a few of her videos, I found she had a real individuality and a uniqueness about her that I rather liked. I love the fact that she fights hard to keep creative control of her music and doesn’t care if the path she takes leaves people scratching their heads – in that way, she reminds me a lot of artists like Janelle Monae and Santigold. As for her live performance of Two Weeks on Jimmy Fallon, how stunning was artist Daniel Wurtzel‘s air sculpture behind her? Gorgeous!

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