MOR hand creams

MOR, hand creams, gift set

One of the gifts I received over Christmas which I totally appreciated was a set of hand creams from MOR.

I have to admit, my hands are one of my favourite features and I try to take care of them as best as I can. Do you know that along with your neck, elbows and knees, hands are amongst the first body parts to show signs of ageing? We use them so often and subject them to so much, including direct sunlight (whenever you’re driving), harsh cleaning products, dishwashing products and even the mildest of hand soaps that can dry and age them quickly. It’s time our hands deserve a little TLC!

That’s why I like to treat my hands with some delicious smelling cream every now and then. A small tube of hand cream never goes amiss in your everyday bag, especially for use in the office where the central air-conditioning or heating can provide quite a drying environment!

I’ve been running out of my usual hand cream so I was super psyched to receive this set of MOR hand creams for Christmas. And just LOOK at the packaging. I love the way MOR products are packaged and these hand creams are no different. The box they come in looks like it’s dotted with stars and when you pop it open, there’s illustrations of celestial maps all over the inside.

MOR, hand lotions, gift set

MOR, hand lotions, gift set MOR, hand creams, gift set

The lotions are enriched with argan oil and have the cutest names – pepperberry cardamom, kashmir petals and sencha verbena. The box will look great on your vanity stand and the tubes are just the right size for carrying in your bag! I find that just a little dab goes a long way so they’ll last quite a bit too. Oh, and they smell great too!

MOR, hand creams, gift set MOR, hand creams, gift set MOR, hand creams, gift set



  1. The box is lovely. You are fortunate. I did not receive not one item for Christmas. My husband and I are impoverish – poor. Kudos for you!


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