Kitchen Review – Gordon Street Garage

This morning, I caught up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while at the Gordon Street Garage.

I’ve only been to the Gordon Street Garage once before this but I really love the overall feel and look of the place – a large, bright, airy interior – part vintage warehouse, part urban green kitchen complete with a mouthwatering dessert table. I didn’t take any pictures of the interior this time because I’m still a bit shy about taking pictures in public places like restaurants and shops but once I’ve gotten up the courage, I’ll be the one snapping away to bring you pretty pics, I promise!

The first time I was at at the Gordon Street Garage, it was for lunch with a group of friends. We ordered a couple of salads and some other things to share plus a dessert for the girls (I can’t remember the exact details of the dishes now, sorry!) but I remember really enjoying their dishes and was intrigued by what the other diners around me were having as well – a couple were having some fun-looking tagines.

This time, I was here for breakfast – and I’ll have to be honest, the breakfast menu didn’t excite me as much as the lunch menu had. There were a couple of the usual full breakfast combinations and some simple toasts with toppings. I usually go for what’s in between, a meal that isn’t too heavy or too light but the in-betweeners on offer didn’t really appeal to me (although for those who like it sweet, there was an intriguing-looking coconut french toast with date syrup and passionfruit). I settled for toast with avocado and ordered a side of salmon to brighten the plate up a bit while my friend ordered the toast with field mushrooms and also asked for a side of salmon. (PS, I have to add that their menu changes in accordance to the ingredients they have on hand and the sample breakfast menu I just pulled up on the website looks a lot more interesting so I’m definitely keen to give the breakfast another go in the future.)

My second gripe was that our meals were a long time coming and after we were seated, none of the staff came over to take our meal orders for quite some time. We were eventually forced to call staff over when we realised no one was coming to take our food order and were also forced to flag down a waiter when the table beside us had been served and finished their meals while we were left still waiting for ours.

DSC03725                      Our meals at last! Served on pretty plates.


In their defence, however, I would say the staff were polite and friendly, and while the restaurant wasn’t as packed as it had been the first time I was there for lunch, it was still fairly busy. Also our meals came soon after we asked after them.

The breakfasts were simple and therefore didn’t blow my mind, taste-wise, but the prices were reasonable (reasonable for Perth, anyway!) and I really don’t think I could say anything negative food-wise either. The salmon slices were nice and chunky and I’m glad they didn’t skimp there. The bread texture was just right as well – not overly hard as some restaurant bread can be, leaving me sawing away helplessly at the crusts in tears!) Also, I loved my watermelon apple mint juice (I think it was mint – I know there were three ingredients and two of them were definitely watermelon and apple!) which was served almost as soon as I sat down in contrast to our food orders, so there’s another positive as well!

All in all, we did have a good time and you definitely can’t fault the ambiance or the waitstaff. We’d definitely go back again – and I’d love to try their lunch menu again as well as their dinner one!


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