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Today I had a fantastic pre-birthday day at Keturah Day Spa!

I’ve always wanted to go to Keturah as it always looks like such a fantastic and professional day spa and has won a heap of awards year after year. So I was excited when I received a birthday gift of a spa voucher from my boyfriend’s mum last year for my birthday!

That’s right, I said last year!

To tell the truth, when I first got the voucher, I was so excited but I really wanted to put aside a day to use it when I knew I wouldn’t have anything on  and I could just take my time and be super relaxed. Well, time went by and I got busy at work, plus my partner has been unwell all this year, poor guy, and then I flippin’ lost the voucher and couldn’t find it! Well, I eventually found it while cleaning house one day and decided I needed to use it ASAP! So I finally made the call and booked a day just for myself.

When I walked into Keturah’s Highgate branch, I was greeted by a gorgeous front entrance. The receptionist (and just about everyone at the spa) were really lovely and friendly and made me feel welcomed right away.

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First, I sat down to fill out the form for Keturah’s new customers. I was really happy to see they had questions like what pressure I prefer – soft, medium or hard – and whether I preferred my masseuse to be social, informative or silent. They also asked if there were any parts of the body you’d prefer not have contact with – and right away I ticked ‘breasts.’ I’ve had massages before where they do the boobs as well and I’ve always thought it was kinda awkward! Ever since then, I never know whether the masseuse was going to go for the chest area as well while doing a massage so I was really glad Keturah included that question! I thought it was great that they took care of all that right away at the beginning in the form so they could tailor your experience to your preferences. For me, that really felt like a part of going the extra mile that sets Keturah ahead of the other spas I’ve been to.

After I was done filling out the form, a woman took me into the change area where I could change into a robe and slippers (the robe was ultra-comfy, by the way, and according to a sign on the locker, you can purchase the robes at the front desk!). Then it was on to the massage room!

I had opted for a hot stone massage, which I’ve never had before, and I was really excited about. My masseuse was really lovely and she applied just the right amount of pressure. She also assured me that she tested all the hot stones on her skin first to make sure they weren’t too hot, but to let her know if I found them too hot, but I found I didn’t need to do that.

The use of hot stones in the massage combined with the oil and my masseuse’s soothing fingers felt really, really great. I’ve had a really sore neck and shoulders a couple of times this year so it felt really great to get all the knots out. And another thing which Keturah stood out for? When I first lay face down on the massage bed, the first thing I saw was a pretty little flower set below the breathing hole of the bed, lit by a little circle of light. The first spa I’ve ever been to had a bowl of flowers as a nice visual for customers set under the spa bed and ever since then I’ve always rated spas a little on whether they have something pretty underneath. It doesn’t take much – just a bowl of dried flowers or something small and pretty – but I really feel like it adds to the experience.

I really didn’t want my massage to end and was beginning to wish I had gone for an hour and 30 minutes as opposed to the hour and 15 minutes after all. But right after my massage I had an express manicure!

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I don’t often have manicures because fingernail polish always chips so easily but every now and then a girl has gotta treat herself! I opted for a pretty coral colour which I loved – and chatted to the therapist as I sipped on lemongrass and ginger tea and nibbled on some nuts and raisins which they provided.

I was sorry when my time was up at Keturah but left feeling like a million bucks. As it was lunchtime, I stopped by Source Foods, a great little organic cafe down the road, to grab a hot mushroom and spinach wrap and a green juice before heading home for some reading time with my Kindle.

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As you can tell, I couldn’t stop admiring my awesome manicure!

It was a great day at the spa and I’m still feeling totally relaxed and chilled out right now. I’d definitely be calling Keturah up soon again to make an appointment!


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