My gym recently introduced a new fitness class – KettleWorx!

As you can guess by the name, the class features a workout incorporating the use of kettlebells. I’ve always heard so much about kettlebells and how great they are, but I’ve never known what to do with them so I was excited to hear about the classes.

There are three different kinds of KettleWorx classes, each one lasting half an hour. There’s KettleWorx Cardio, which incorporates lots of cardio work like burpees, squat jumping jacks and rope skipping with kettlebell exercises in between. KettleWorx Resistance incorporates a little light cardio like burpee mountain climbers (which I have just discovered through the class today and love – it’s a burpee with a little extra challenge! Or a mountain climber with a little extra challenge, if you want to look at it that way!) plus more weighted lunges and weighted squats and presses, using the kettlebells as resistance. And KettleWorx Core, as you guess it, works the core area so there’s plenty of ab and balance work there.

As for the kettlebells, they’re these really cute brightly coloured kettlebells which I really like – the yellow one is five pounds, the red ones are 10, and the orange ones are 15 pounds. Everyone grabs a variety of weights that would suit them – for now, I use a five pound kettlebell and a 10 pound kettlebell and switch between these two whenever I feel I’m taking it too easy or if the lifts are getting too hard for me. The 10 pound ones are definitely the most popular – you have to grab them quick before they’re all gone at the beginning of the class – and I was glad to hear our instructor today saying that they’ve ordered more 10 pound kettlebells for the gym. We definitely need ’em!

I’ve tried all three classes at least once now and I’m definitely keen for more. As the classes are new, we sometimes get two instructors in, one of them does the workout facing us while the other turns sideways so we can have a good idea of what our form should look like. And today, the second instructor would leave the platform and head around the room, helping us all correct our form so we could do the exercises properly. That was really helpful, in my opinion!

I felt I got the most out of KettleWorx Cardio (that combination of weights and cardio definitely wears you down quickly!) and KettleWorx Resistance, which definitely gave me a full body workout, especially in the arms, which I can still feel as I’m typing this! But I’m definitely keen to try the Core one a few more times. And the best part is all these classes are half an hour but my gym has scheduled some of them one after the other or right before or after the more usual Les Mills one-hour cardio classes like Body Attack or Body Combat so you can just do a quick 30-minute class if you’re in a hurry or stay and fit in two KettleWorx classes together or one cardio class and a KettleWorx class if you’re looking for something more challenging. I think it works out really well!

And I have to throw out a big kudos to my gym, which is part of the Good Life chain, for getting in all these new classes – I was really, really happy to hear we were getting in a bigger variety of weights classes – currently, I’m trying to get in one Body Pump class a week at the gym but it’s also nice to hear that there are these shorter half-hour classes to squeeze in during a busy week and to add some variety. The other class my gym started offering this year is the CXWorx, a half-hour class featuring resistance bands and free weights. I’m really loving all the different classes my gym is offering this year and am really thankful for it – we’re really spoiled for choice!

The next thing I want to try in the future is TRX training. It looks really good but everyone who’s currently doing it looks so muscular and intimidating, I might hang back and get some more light weights training under my belt before I try that!


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