It’s okay to have a slump – just remember to pull yourself out of it after and fast

Roasted capsicum and broccolini with leftover chicken

Sometimes it’s okay if you’ve been having a slack day or week or even month. Sometimes things just don’t go your way. I just had a big, lazy weekend, most of which was spent drinking and eating (lots of good food!) and sleeping in and not doing much at all. I was keen to get back into eating healthily and working out when the week started –  but so far I haven’t been doing that!

I had a whole lot of things planned – work on my writing, work on my blog, get some chores done, hit the gym, do a grocery shop and grab some healthy food for the week ahead… and I didn’t do any of it. Instead I’ve been pigging out, hitting the hot chocolates and eating bad food.

I had a big bunch of excuses – it was cold, I’m adjusting to 5am morning starts again (I work in the media and do shifts so my work times always change around), work has been stressing me out because there’s been a tad bit of bullying behaviour going around in the office which hasn’t been nice and nobody’s been willing to do anything about it, after getting major ouch-eyteeth scrapping done at the periodontist, I deserved a treat after that…

But treats and lying around on the sofa don’t make me feel better. What makes me feel better is when I make the effort to eat healthily and do some exercise. When I’ve done the work I was supposed to do, instead of watching TV or reading a book. When I goof off, it makes me feel guilty and it makes me feel worse.

I realised I needed to stop laying the blame on everything else. If I wasn’t happy about something, I should do something about it instead of complaining about it. Doing something isn’t easy, which is why whingeing is always the easier path. But sometimes, you gotta take the hard path to get to where it feels good.

This morning, I schlumped into work, still feeling kind of blah and ache-y and tired. I had a hot chocolate by 7am and a ham and cheese crepe from the cafe downstairs. By the time my lunch break (or breakfast break, since I started early this morning) rolled around, I thought about having another hot chocolate, maybe something sweet and caloriffic to go with it.

Instead, I went for a walk around the building, got some fresh air, went upstairs and had some grapes and apple slices.

The walk and the fruit did me a world of good. I instantly perked up, my body felt better, and I felt that much happier with the world.

The other day, I thought of having a mini Magnum in the afternoon. Instead I decided to have something healthy instead. I looked in the fridge and decided to roast some capsicum slices and broccolini. I served that with some leftover roast chicken from a couple of nights ago.

It was so good and so much more satisfying than an unhealthy snack! Fruits, yoghurt and roasted vegetables are the way to go, I think!

What’s the point of this post? I guess it’s the fact that it’s okay to have a slump, a bad day, to let go and sprawl on the couch with some ice-cream and not go to the gym for the evening. But a slump is a slump – and you can’t let it progress for too long or it’ll suck you into this downward spiral of unhappiness feeding on unhappiness. Treat yourself – then pull yourself out of it – and fast! And once you get back into doing things that are good for you, you’ll feel a lot better.

Remember: when you’re doing something good like eating well, exercising, working hard to reach some future goal, any goal, it’s not for anyone else. It’s for you. And it’s because you deserve that goal. So get out there and kick some butt : )


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