Inspired by… The Girl Next Door


Here’s the thing.

Before I headed to the States/Europe for my massive, mind-blowing, amazing one-month holiday, I used to see this neighbour of mine. In fact, ‘The Girl Next Door’ of this post’s title. She was a new mother, dressed in a big, baggy T-shirt and three-quarter gym pants, still carrying her post-pregnancy weight, and I used to see her heading out for walks all the time, pushing her baby in this huge pram.

A month goes by and I come back from my vacation. I’m lying in bed, lying on the sofa, still getting over my post-vacation blues (one thing I’m very bad at is getting into workout mode after vacation. I always find it so hard!). I’m thinking, I need to get my butt to the gym for some classes. Or just out the door for a run. I need to go back to some healthy eating, find a way back into my routine. But I’m so ti-iiired.

Then a knock comes on the door and it’s The Girl Next Door, popping by to pass me some mail she’d collected for us when we were away. She’s got the exercise gear on and she’s got her baby in her pram with her and she’s obviously just back from another walk. And I’m thinking all the while we’re chatting just how amazing she looks and how she’s lost all her post-pregnancy weight!

And I’m thinking about it some more later on and I realize, see, you don’t need to be busting your ass at the gym, throwing yourself into super hard workouts full of burpees and jumping lunges and 10km runs all the time. The Girl Next Door wasn’t doing amazing TRX classes and marathon runs. But she was getting out of the door and putting one foot in front of the other. Maybe it doesn’t feel like you’re getting much out of it today, tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow. But when you just keep pegging away at your goal, sometimes old-fashion, slow and steady persistence is what will win the race. You still get something out of it. You get there.

And that’s what I learned from The Girl Next Door.


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