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Today I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite sites of all time on the ‘net.

When I first stumbled upon the photographs of Nirrimi Firebrace, I instantly fell in love with her beautiful visions. I then followed the trail of her photographs back to her website, The Road is Home, which contains yet more of her photos and her personal musings as well. It is an exquisitely poignant journal narrating the journey of this young soul as she navigates the way to adulthood and, along the way, meets a boy and falls passionately in love, has a baby, and continues to explore the gifts offered up to her in this world. Her writings are as delicate and beautiful as her images, so much so that upon reading them, one feels a fierce desire to protect her against the inevitable sorrows and brutalities of life. And yet her words open up a window unto a soul that is both mature and wise beyond her years, yet filled with the innocence and purity of joy of childhood. I, for one, feel truly lucky that Nirrimi has allowed us this glimpse into her innermost thoughts and feelings, and the world that is hers.


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