Inspiration: Photographer and Mountaineer Jimmy Chin

mountain climbing, Kasha, photography, Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin, photo, rock climbing, free falling

Jimmy Chin, Climber, photographer, rock climbing, mountaineering

Jimmy Chin, snow, photography

Jimmy Chin, photography, mountains, mountain climbing

How amazing are these photographs by American photographer, director, filmmaker, mountaineer and skier Jimmy Chin? Almost as amazing as the man himself.

I first came across Jimmy Chin when I started spotting his photography on the NatGeo Instagram page. I was so intrigued by his incredible shots of tiny climbers pitted against enormous mountain faces and stratospheric heights, I had to click onto Jimmy’s own Instagram feed to check him out. Plus, I had to check out a fellow Chin!

If you want to find out more about Jimmy, check out his website (plus his blog where he offers photography tips, interviews with fellow adventurers and shares a few stories of what actually goes into capturing the breathtaking shots that makes him one of the best extreme adventure photographers in the world). While you’re there, take a moment to be blown away by his list of achievements, which reads like a dream life belonging to someone who’s truly living a life where they’re doing exactly what they want to do. Not only has he been all around the world to places ranging as far and wide as the Himalayas, Tanzania, British Colombia and Senegal (where he’s taken countless photos for National Geographic and other publications), he’s also a veteran of the North Face athletes team, a GoPro ambassador and cofounder of Camp 4 Collective, an adventure sports production company. Talk about a lifetime spent constantly reaching for greater heights.

 All images via Jimmy Chin


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