Inspiration: “Life is full of screw ups”

Life is full of screw ups quote

A new inspiration for the new year! You wouldn’t be human if you hadn’t screwed up in the past and you wouldn’t be human if you screwed up in the future. It’s always hard to come face-to-face with failure but it helps to keep in mind that you’re not the only person who’s screwed up out there – that, in fact, failing is one of the things you have in common with everyone, no matter how perfect they may seem to you. All it matters is what you do afterwards – do you pick yourself up, do you continue to persevere, do you attempt to make amends and do you continue to try harder after, no matter how tough things might seem? Of course you do : )

P.S. I saw this quote about a week ago after I screwed something up in the most horrific way imaginable. It was unintentional and I was fortunate enough to be able to fix my mistake fast enough that I don’t think anyone even realised it had happened but I could have hurt a lot of people with that mistake of mine if anyone had taken notice. I was kicking myself for days on end and hating myself for what I’d done, though it was unintentional, and it was a reminder for me to be more careful with what I say and do in the future.

It was about this same time that I saw this quote on Twitter as well, and though it didn’t (and shouldn’t) take away from the sting of the lesson learned, it did help take away a bit of the sting of my unintentional mistake and to realise that everyone does screw up and unfortunately this was one of my screw-up moments and that, while I should do well to learn from it and make amends and guard against repeating such a mistake in the future, that I am also allowed to remind myself that it’s also okay to forgive myself for having screwed up.


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