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Janelle Monae

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Today I want to talk about one of my major inspirations – Janelle Monae!

This girl has continually blown me away with her passion and creativity ever since a friend first told me, some years back, to head onto YouTube and check out her Tightrope video featuring Big Boi. From then on, I was completely hooked on her!

Where to start with Janelle Monae? Well, first of all, her music – that incredible vision of afrofuturism and the story of Cindi Mayweather, a messianic archandroid – all drawing inspiration from, among others, Sun Ra, Alfred Hitchcock, Philip K. Dick and Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Monae dreams big and her vision is far-reaching – so much so that you really can’t wait to see what she will turn out next.

Then there’s her appearance – gorgeous, sexy and feminine without being overtly so. Though she sticks to a ‘uniform’ of black and white, her outfits are classic without ever being boring. Janelle is the one female musician who has proven that you can be beautiful and sexy and unique without flashing skin.

Having said that, she’s not one to slag off the sisterhood too. When asked to comment Miley Cyrus’s infamous MTV Video Awards performance, Monae demurs, saying, “I definitely don’t think that I’m better or more superior. I’ve always been advocate of females being in control of their body and I don’t believe in slut shaming or anything like that… there are many different ways to be strong, bold, powerful, beautiful and sexy.”

In fact, if you watch or read any of Monae’s interviews, you’d find she comes across as incredibly thoughtful and intelligent, choosing her words carefully to express her thoughts – not surprising, as the media is notorious for using quotes out of context to construe their own meaning and sell copies.

A thoughtful, intelligent, beautiful, creative individual – could anyone else be more perfect?

All hail Janelle Monae!

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