Inspiration: Creative Portfolios Online at Behance

Behance Laure de SagazanBehance Lauren de Sagazan

Behance El Hierro Behance El HierroBehance Urban Cage 1Behance Urban Cage 2Behance Srange DreamsBehance Strange Dreams Mother of Crows

Have you heard of Behance? It’s an online platform where artists and other creatives are able to showcase their portfolios and liaise with potential employers, network and gain other work opportunities. It’s a really fun place to head to and check out what creative work’s out there from all over the world at the moment. The images above are some of my favourites that I’ve discovered so far. Definitely a must for any up and coming creative looking to show off their work!

Images (Top to Bottom): 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8


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