How to Create A Zen Space

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Sometimes, life can be a tad overwhelming. When that happens, the best thing to do is try to retreat for a little while and create a small space of zen in which to find your inner peace and equilibrium again.

There are good days and bad days in life. But sometimes when the bad days just keep coming and coming and coming, it’s just better to retreat for a little while and find a safe place to recuperate. And this is when having your own small space of zen to retreat to is ideal.

What do I mean by a zen space?

It’s just a small place for you to retreat away from all the chaos and obligations and demands of the world. It could be in your bedroom or in a study. It could be in just a corner of a room, in the backyard or even in your car. But the most important thing is to be sure that it is a) a quiet place and b) it is a place you can retreat to where nobody can intrude – even your family should know not to bother you while you are in there.

Some suggestions for creating a place of zen:

As aforementioned, it should be a quiet place where no one can intrude.

So you could have a curtain you could draw around your corner or a door you can shut if you have others living in your house. It could be a little quiet spot in the garden under a tree, a bench in a park near your workplace, your favourite rock at the beach or even just the backseat of your car – you could just get into your car, drive away to a quiet spot and sit there, with your phone turned off so you won’t be interrupted by calls, text messages or social media alerts.

It isn’t necessary, but if you want, you could add a few objects to your zen space for your peace and comfort.

This could be anything from a candle, some pillows and a blanket, some incense or aromatherapy oils, a small green plant or a bowl of fresh flowers. You could have a couple of books containing positive affirmations or a favourite book to flip through, anything that would add positivity and good energy to your state of being. If your zen space is mobile, you could keep a couple of meditation apps or a playlist of relaxing and/or happy songs on your phone to take with you to your space. Whatever that could make your zen space comfortable and relaxing.

But keep it simple.

You don’t want to clutter up your zen space too much! Nor do you want to complicate things by starting to stress out because your zen space isn’t as cool or as tranquil as other folks’ zen spaces. We’re not auditioning here to be on Apartment Therapy! The idea is to keep it simple and free. The world outside is overwhelming enough – you’re looking for a place to retreat from all that overwhelmingness. Just having a quiet spot is good enough.

Now what do you do in your space?

Well, anything you want! This is a place to be quiet and have some time to yourself. From anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour – or even longer – the world outside can keep. All those obligations, demands, worries, deadlines, problems? They can wait. They’ll still be there when you leave your zen space. But in the meantime, you’re in your space. This is a place just for you and you alone.

Perhaps you want to spend it curled up amid your pillows, reading a book and drinking a hot beverage. Or this could be your area to chill by the window in the sunshine and working on your adult colouring books – an ideal zen activity. You could nap while listening to some soothing music or favourite tunes. Maybe this is your time to do a little Yoga or Pilates. Or you could spend 10-15 minutes meditating, just focusing on your breathing, or a mantra, or using one of the many meditation guides available on YouTube.

Allow only positivity:

Make this one rule while you’re in your zen space – in here, you will allow only thoughts that are positive, kind, supportive and loving. This is the place where you’re allowed to be exactly who you are – and that is a very good thing to be. 

Other zen space suggestions:

The bathroom: Draw yourself a hot bath, put on a face mask, light a candle and lie back in the warm soothing waters.

The kitchen: If you’re a foodie person, perhaps the kitchen is your zen space where measuring, stirring and cooking something yummy to eat is your ideal soothing activity. Take time out to do a little mindfulness here – close your eyes and breathe in the delicious fragrances of your ingredients, savour the taste of a piece of chocolate or the feel of the roughly chopped walnuts under your fingers.

Exercise: Maybe your zen activity is to go for a run or a walk outside, breathe in the fresh air and give your eyes a rest from computer and phone screens.

And remember:

The main idea is to just take some quiet time out to be with yourself and away from the chaos and noise of the outside world.

And just before you leave your zen space and prepare to rejoin the outside world, just repeat this affirmation to yourself – things are going to be okay.

Sending you much love and positive energy!


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