Honey Soy Chili Chicken with Green Beans

Honey Soy Chili Chicken with Green Beans

It’s another gray wintry day, but I’m loving it because these days are oh so great for runs! I did a 9km run and felt as if I was running through fairyland territory. The river was as glassy as Cinderella’s slipper and the black swans were out again, looking for all the world as if they totally own the river. That’s until they get a little further down and meet Pelican City, not to mention the playful dolphins that come down for a visit every now and then. Giant mushrooms are sprouting up in the grass, homes of the fairies in Enid Blyton classics 🙂

And half-marathon trainers are getting hungry so it’s time to get down to this blog post – delicious honey soy chili chicken with green beans!

This is truly a meal with all the flavours! There’s the mild spiciness of red chili, mingling with sweet honey and tangy soy sauce, and the smooth velvety taste of green beans sauteed in butter. I only wished I had added more beans because after I cut them up, I realised I should have really grabbed more than just a few handfuls.

The bonus of this meal? The house smells just great after the chicken has been baking in the oven.

The only thing to remember is not to let your chicken cook too long as I did mine, because the meat will get quite tough 🙁 Next time, I’d be sure to keep checking from 20 minutes onward to see if the meat has cooked through!

Honey Soy Chili Chicken with Green Beans (Serves two)

Honey Soy Chili Chicken with Green Beans 2


Four chicken thighs, washed and patted dry with paper towels
One red chili, deseeded and chopped up small
1/4 cup soy sauce
A few generous squeezes of honey from the bottle (we were almost at the end of our bottle and it took ages for me to get the honey out!)
One generous pat of butter
Green beans (I just grabbed a couple of handfuls at the grocer’s, but that didn’t turn out to be enough – I would say grab enough to fill two cups, once you’ve chopped the beans up)
Freshly cracked black pepper (for seasoning)


Preheat oven to 180 Celsius. In the meantime, combine soy sauce, honey and chili in a large bowl. Add the chicken thighs, making sure to coat all the meat evenly. Cover with Glad Wrap and let marinate for at least half an hour in the fridge.

Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and coat with cooking spray. Place chicken thighs on the tray and pour remaining marinade over the meat. Pop into the oven and let cook for about 20 minutes, turning thighs over after 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, check to see if the chicken is cooked through; if not, leave in the oven, continuing to check every couple of minutes until meat has finally cooked through. Remove meat from oven.

While chicken is cooking, wash, trim and chop beans up into quarter inch pieces. Heat the pat of butter in a pan on low to medium heat, allowing butter to spread and coat pan evenly while melting. Add the beans and saute gently in the butter for a few minutes or until beans are tender. Remove pan from stove, divide beans onto two plates. Season beans with cracked pepper. Add two chicken thighs to each plate. Pour any leftover sauce/red chilis from the roasting pan over the thighs. Serve and enjoy!


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