Half-Marathon Training (Weeks 13 &14)

Marathon Training Week 13-14

As I was down with the flu bug last week, I decided to combine the last two weeks of training in one post! It’s not been too great – illness combed with the sudden hot weather this week didn’t make me feel like working out much! Still, I’m glad I got quite a few workouts in each week – that’s what matters!

Just check out those pelicans being totally Zen in the sunset… I just had to stop and take a picture of them during my run 🙂 There are also black swans further out, but it’s hard to make them out as they look small there – but black swans are usually pretty big – and fierce! You don’t want to mess with them!

This is what the past two weeks of training looked like:

March 31st to April 6th:

Monday: 8km run
Tuesday: 9km run
Wednesday: ½ hour swim
Thursday: 12km run
Friday: 45 minute swim
Saturday: Rest Day (sick)
Sunday: Rest Day (sick)

April 7th to 13th

Monday:  Rest Day (sick)
Tuesday: Rest Day (sick)
Wednesday: 7.5km run
Thursday: 8km run/walk
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: 7km run
Sunday: Day off (swim cancelled)

I was really peeved about losing four days out to sickness. The flu took a serious toll on me and when I got back into running when I was well enough again, it definitely felt like I’ve lost a bit of endurance just from taking four days off. Or perhaps it was just general malaise after being sick. I’m hoping the weather starts to cool down again soon and I can get back on track! The last three weeks just hasn’t been inspiring enough for me!

This Sunday, I was supposed to have a swim class but there seems to be some kind of mix-up with my enrollment so I had to sit it out. I’m hoping to get this sorted out soon so I can get back on track with swimming! Crossing my fingers someone will figure it out on Monday as the woman I was trying to deal with today was rather rude – no points to her for being polite and helpful as a staff member! Now to shrug that unpleasantness off my shoulders and have a lovely brunch with my friend instead!


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