Half-Marathon Training (Week 20)

Week 20 Marathon Training

I was rather tired last week so I decided to listen to my body and take it easy. Though I’m looking forward to hitting the 21km mark, it just wasn’t on the cards last week. Instead I conserved energy and tapered back my long run to 13km. Like most runners, it was disappointing to see the numbers drop but I’m glad I did it because it’s good for me in the long run! (ooh – pun right there!)

Instead, I run a little faster during my short runs and did a swim. Unfortunately I also missed my swim class on Sunday because I had to work instead (working on a weekend – it does happen, unfortunately!). Looking forward to getting back into the swimming this week.

I also wanted to talk about weather.

On Saturday, it took me ages to persuade myself to go for a run. It was raining on and off. When I got out of bed, I looked outside to see huge gusts of wind and rain tearing up the backyard and went straight back to bed where I snuggled and looked up ‘running in inclement weather.’ After reading a few pages of runners’ forums about hard core runners heading out to rain in both rain and snow, I got totally motivated and got out of bed again only to find the rain had momentarily ceased. I immediately pulled on some warmer running gear and my sneakers and headed right out!

It seems I wasn’t the only one to head out for some exercise in spite of the weather. There was a high school rowing regatta, a few runners and several walkers out and about. It made me feel better about my decision to head out in spite of the fact that the heavy wind and rain gusts soon started up shortly again! I kept in mind that if those girls could keep rowing out there on the river in spite of the rain and wind, I couldn’t complain about being on land!

The rain didn’t last long, though, just long enough to give me a thorough soaking. I must admit, though, that there is something nice and refreshing about running in the rain. I definitely do prefer it to running in agonizing heat. And when I got home, the BF was just waking up so I went straight to the bathroom for a hot shower before heading out for some lunch. It continued to rain heavily for the rest of the day but I was super glad I got my run done that morning because it gave me such a sense of accomplishment despite the fact that we spent the rest of the day doing nothing else but eating and watching back-t0-back episodes of The Office. 🙂

What’s your favourite weather to run in? Do you prefer the heat or the cold? I’m probably like most others in that I love spring and fall when the weather is neither too hot nor to cold but juuuuust fine 😉

May 19th to 25th:
Monday: 9km run
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 8km run
Thursday: 30 minute swim
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 13km run
Sunday: Rest Day


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