Half-Marathon Training (Week 18)


Week 18 Half Marathon Training

And we’re finally back on a roll!

This week has been a good week, training-wise. I’ve nailed all my runs, thanks in part to the lovely cool weather we’ve been getting. Running is so much easier in cooler weather! And though there have been some big, blustery winds (ruffling the feathers of those big fluffy pelicans nestling on the river shore) and I’ve been caught in a mild and refreshing drizzle part of the way through my long run, I definitely prefer running in the cold than in the blistering heat. And just look at those roses! The best part about running are all the unexpected pretty little sights you come across 🙂

I’ve also come to realise I need to start thinking about taking water and maybe some fuel on my long run as it is now getting much longer than I’m otherwise used to. I don’t like carrying a bottle in my hand so I’m thinking about getting a little camelbak. The only drawback is that camelbaks are pretty pricey so I’ll have to think a little more about this one and whether there are any better alternatives.

Swimming has also been better this week. I turned out to be the only one who showed up to class and had a different instructor because my usual one was away this weekend. While I love my usual instructor, it was nice to get another person’s point of view as well and it was great because it felt like a one-on-one class. We went through everything all over again – the kick, the breathing and the arms – and I definitely felt as if I had made more progress this time! It’s a nice change from the last few weeks where I just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere!

And now on to the next week! I’m a little worried because I’m moving on from a 16km run for my long run to an 18km. It will be my longest run yet and I will be focusing on thinking positive and making it to the end!

May 5th to 11th:
Monday: 9km run
Tuesday: 7km run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 16km run
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 45 minute swim

Oh, and one final thing!

I recently came across this great blog, Run to the Finish, by Amanda C Brooks, which is totally what I need right now to motivate myself for my half-marathon/potential full marathon training! And while scrolling through her blog, I saw that she had this thing going, called Best Foot Forward, which encourages other bloggers to share their weekly workouts, all in the name of accountability, motivation and putting your best foot forward each week! I thought it was such a great idea and had so much fun checking out how everyone else put their best foot forward, I thought I just had to start joining up as well!

If you too want to join in on Best Foot Forward or just check out what everyone else has been up to fitness-wise, do check out the other blog links 🙂



  1. Welcome to the #bestfoot link up! You are right – Amanda is pretty great. Great job on your half marathon training. I am training for my first half. It’s next weekend. YIKES! Look forward to reading more from you. #bestfoot

    • MarilynChin

      Thanks, Lara! Good luck with your first half as well! 🙂 and loving Uptite Mamas – especially those weekly training updates! It’s totally motivating me 🙂

  2. I have a camelbak and I love it. It is really comfortable during my long runs/rides. And I find it really easy to drink from. I also have a little hand held bottle, but I don’t find that it is enough water for my long runs

    • MarilynChin

      Thanks for the feedback, Krysten! I’ll be heading out to shop for camelbaks some time this week and can’t wait to try them out 🙂


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