Half-Marathon Training (Week 16)


The bad news: I hardly did any training last week except for two runs owing to some private events that occurred which pretty much kept me preoccupied during my free time. (also explains the mild lapse in blogging posts. Apologies!)

The good news: I ran a whole 12km without any problems at all!!

Even though I hardly exercised for the rest of the week, I felt pretty chuffed about that. I’m glad I did it because it proved that it was all just in the mindset for me in the last couple of weeks. Now I’ve done the two laps around the river, I’m not so intimidated about it anymore. I think it really does go to show just how much of a mental challenge running is, more than anything else.

And I got to see some dolphins while on the second circuit of my run. We’re really lucky because there are always dolphins swimming along this part of the river. I remember the first time I saw dolphins swimming in the river, I was so amazed and thrilled! Even now, though I’ve seen them plenty of times, I still get thrilled all over again.

I just had to stop and try to take a picture of them, and another girl who was out power walking along the same route stopped and came over as well to check them out. We ended up having a nice brief conversation about the dolphins!

Unfortunately, the dolphins are notoriously hard to take a picture of as they spend most of their time immersed in the water, surfacing every now and then, and my phone camera just isn’t quick enough to catch them. My camera phone isn’t the best quality either so you will have to really squint to see their fins protruding above the surface of the water. Sometimes, I swear these dolphins look more like sharks with their fins just barely visible above the water!

Marathon Training Week 16 - Dolphins

Speaking of dolphins and sharks, did anyone else hear about that amazing story of the British man who was doing a marathon swim across the Cook Strait off the coast of New Zealand and spotted a shark lurking below him? But never fear because at the same time, a pod of dolphins came to protect him, swimming with him for almost an hour until the shark went away!

How amazing is that?

Also, you can thank me for choosing to link to the Daily Mail for that story, with all its inglorious sidebar of tabloid celebrity shame and snarky headlines 🙂

This week’s fitness challenge? To finally be able to get all my runs down plus my strength and cross training classes plus a swim!


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