Half-Marathon Training (Week 11)

Week 11 Half Marathon Training

The weather has been lovely and cool. Autumn here is a lot like spring with lots of flowers and cool breezes, and I’m pleased to report that my runs are going well! It’s amazing how much difference a few weeks has made. A few weeks back, 7km was a long run for me – now it’s a short run and the 10km run is my long run! Can’t wait till next week when I’m going to aim for a 12km long run!

Do you like my Saucony sneaks up in the pic above? Saucony has become my favourite brand of running shoes. They’re comfy and I haven’t had any injuries since I switched to this brand!

I also thought I’d share a pic of what part of my running trail looks like!

And this is what Week 11 of my half-marathon training looked like:

March 17th to 23rd:

Monday: 6.5km run
Tuesday: 7km run
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: 10km run
Friday: Body Pump Class, followed by a 20 minute treadmill walk and an additional 20 minute walk round the park later in the evening.
Saturday: Body Combat Class, followed by a half-hour KettleWorx Resistance class.
Sunday: 45 minute swim class

This week, we went into the pool for the big kids, aka the deep pool outdoors where it’s not shallow enough to stand on the ground! Our instructor tried teaching us how to tread water and it’s certainly not as easy as it looks! My problem is not getting the kicks right – I’m not kicking outwards properly or getting my knees high enough. It’s a lot easier doing it with the noodle than doing it in the deep water without any assistance – yikes! One of the other girls managed to get it and she says it’s because she used to do aquarobics where they did a lot of knees in the water!

We’ve only got a few more classes to go so here’s hoping I can get this right before this course is over!


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