Gallery Collection #2: Spring’s Lingering Farewell

Green Gold

Hydrangea Bush 1


lemon berries

white gold star leaves

Windflown jacarandas

Blue berries

Blue berries 1

Autumn leaves

Over here in Australia, the first day of December signifies the first day of summer. The first day of December, though, was a chilly day and we took light jackets with us to ward off the cold breeze coming off the river that evening. Today is the second day of December and it still feels like spring, especially in our garden. I love our garden so much and all the flowers grow so well though we’re terrible gardeners and don’t really take much care of it. Our back garden especially is like the garden I’ve always dreamed of while reading Enid Blyton books as a child, a slightly wild little plot where you can believe there really are fairies living at the bottom of the garden. Today, spring still lives in the garden with the hydrangeas in full bloom in their lovely lilac clusters and the jacaranda branches shaking back and forth in the wind. I never know what lemon season is but there are several large green lemons growing on the trees already and it will soon be time to pick them and make something delicious and lemon-y. Spring is teasing us with its last, lingering goodbye, a flirtatious young girl in a floaty, foamy, flowery dress, laughing and winking and pretending she’s about to leave any moment now.

{Top to bottom: Golden sunshine upon new green leaves; hydrangea blossoms; red berries; starry yellow-white leaves; wind blown jacaranda blossoms; little sprays of tiny blue berries; iin spite of the fact that it’s spring over here, these leaves against the veranda roof are looking very autumnal}


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