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Amy Pejkovic, high jump champion, Country Road, Active, sportswear, active gear, sports collaborations

I just wanted to share a few of the fitness brands collaborations I’ve been inspired by lately! I know a lot of people get really cynical by sports brands teaming up with celebrities or models, but I think if we could just take the ‘buy this so you’ll look like this!’ message these brands are sending and turn them under a positive light, they can provide some real inspiration, motivation and a message of positivity instead. I also like that all the women featured in these collaborations are strong, athletic women who act what they preach – they’re all about the sporty, positive and ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle!

Gisele Bundchen, Under Armour, collaboration, sporty Gisele Bundchen, Under Armour, collaboration, sporty

Gisele Bundchen for Under Armour

I know Gisele Bundchen has copped a lot of flak for these ads with lots of people commenting that she’s not a real athlete… and yet that’s what the Under Armour ads are exactly about. I think it’s a great message about having to tune our ears out from all the negative talk people will say about us and to go for what we want anyway. Gisele is such  great example of this because she has copped so much public criticism in every area of her life and yet she remains strong and positive and doesn’t let the negativity get her down. I also love that she’s such a real person and works hard to maintain her health and fitness and isn’t shy about letting the rest of the world know it too. In my opinion, she’s a superb role model!

Bianca May Cheah for Cotton On Bianca May Cheah for Cotton On 1

Bianca May Cheah for Cotton On

I came across Bianca May Cheah‘s Instagram page one day and was soon a major fan of hers. An Aussie fitness model, health enthusiast and the cofounder of Sporteluxe, I am constantly blown away by her professionalism, her work ethic and her dedication to a sporty and healthy lifestyle. I also love her great sporty style – she makes anything she wears look good! Recently, she’s just done a collaboration with Cotton On’s new Sportitude Collection, featuring super comfy, sporty chic activewear that look like they would be just as fab for lounging around the house or that weekend brunch date as they would in the gym.

Dani Bonnor for Lorna Jane Dani Bonnor for Lorna Jane 2

Dani Bonnor for Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane has to be one of my ultimate favourite fitness gear brands. I’ve been a fan of LJ since the label’s early days and have watched its rapid rise to becoming one of the great female fitness powerhouse brands, both in Australia and overseas. I’ve always loved how their clothes are tailored to flatter women’s bodies and I love their message of ‘Move, Nourish, Believe‘.

It’s also through the LJ campaigns that I’ve also discovered Dani Bonnor, an Aussie fitness model who has done several shoots for Lorna Jane, and who also sports her own health and fitness message. I’m so glad to see LJ use real sporty women in their campaigns rather than just models and hope the trend continues!

Clotilde Chaumet for LJ Clotilde Chaumet LJ

Clotilde Chaumet, Lorna Jane Ambassador

Clotilde Chaumet is another Sporty Sister I discovered through Lorna Jane. She’s a French girl living in the States and I just love her earthy, whimsical humour and her bright smiles! Head to her (fun and colourful) website to find out more about her story and her fitness journey. The one thing I love about Clotilde? Like many of us, she has had her ups and downs – she too has experienced those years of ‘where am I going now?’ – and also the dreaded weight gain! – before changing direction and turning her life back around to that which she loves best – living a healthy, active and nourishing lifestyle. She’s definitely a girl we can all relate to 🙂

And finally…

Amy Pejkovic, high jump champion, Country Road, Active, sportswear, active gear, sports collaborations Amy Pejkovic, high jump champion, Country Road, Active, sportswear, active gear, sports collaborations

Amy Pejkovic for Country Road

Country Road is a clothing and home wares brand that’s recently hopped onto the stylish sportswear bandwagon too, introducing their new Active collection this month. I’m already loving their collection of minimalist, sophisticated grey and white neutrals with colour pops of soothing turquoise and blush pink. I’ve got my eye right now on their Active ankle socks in spearmint and matching sports bra. And fronting the brand as the face of Country Road Active is Aussie high jump champion Amy Pejkovic. Talk about a winning combo.


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