Recipe: Fish Salad

Fish Salad

When I first got my braces, I had plans for all kinds of yummy, healthy, soft foods I could eat. However, life had other plans for me – things got super busy and I was running around lots with hardly any time to cook a proper meal. I had also just moved house so I was feeling a little lazy about meal preparations. I ended up drinking lots of canned soups and eating lots of yoghurt, but eventually my body was crying out for fresh, healthy, unprocessed food, especially a nice green salad!

This is the first homemade meal I had since getting my braces – a healthy nutritious salad with some nice soft fish that would go easy on my braced teeth. I sliced up the cherry tomatoes and the spinach and rocket so it would be easier to get small forkfuls around my braces too, but otherwise I wouldn’t bother. Best thing I’ve eaten in a long time, even better than all the fancy restaurant food I’ve paid heaps for over the past couple of weeks!

Fish Salad:


Baby rocket and spinach leaves, washed
Grated beetroot and carrot
One avocado
Cherry or grape tomatoes
Large piece of white fish (I used New Zealand hoki fish from the frozen section of the supermarket and simply microwaved the pieces according to the directions on the back of the package).
About a quarter of a continental cucumber, sliced


Two parts EVOO to one part sushi seasoning.
A quick squeeze of wasabi.


Mix leaves, avocado, cucumber and tomatoes in a bowl. Break up pieces of cooked Hoki fish over the salad.

Mix the dressing, stirring well with a fork to dissolve the wasabi. Pour dressing over the salad and toss well.



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