Dispatch: Euro Candyland

Cupcake goodness at the London Thames Festival circa 2011…there was so much yummy goodness we didn’t know what to do with ourselves…

More cupcakes and choc top goodness…

Crazy enormous black horses in London which I think were pretty cool. They remind me of Woodenhead the stallion in Journey back to Oz, which was one of the weirdest and most fascinating cartoons I saw as a child.

Just Googled Journey back to Oz and realised Liza Minnelli was the voice behind Dorothy! How strange is that? Now all I can think of when I think Liza is her pant-less performance, belting out “Put a Ring On It” in Sex and the City 2.

Chocolate mushrooms in Munich…at least I think they are chocolate mushrooms. Whatever they are, they’re adorable.

The real story behind the candy in Munich is the day we went wandering through the Residenz palace and museum. It was incredibly dusty and dark, and we were tired after a week straight of serious drinking at Oktoberfest and visits to various palaces and museums, and we got lost in the Residenz and thought we were going to die among the musty royal apartments when we came into a chapel and met an American working the security in Residenz. I think he was really pleased to meet someone whom he could talk English to and he gave us directions to the way out and more than that he gave us directions to a great many places to eat in Munich, directions which, I’m sorry to say we promptly forgot as we continued to try to find our way out of the Residenz, but I think we did managed to find one of the chocolatiers on his list of recommendations. He was one of the nicest and most helpful guards I’ve ever met, but I think he hadn’t been able to speak for days or perhaps he hasn’t had anyone to speak English with or something because he would not stop talking and we feared that we would die before the conversation was over. But we finally got away, with many thanks, and I’d have to say that meeting with the loquacious American security guard is one experience in Munich I would never forget, along with the French street peddler who made me a friendship bracelet by the River Thames in London, then promptly tried to rip me off for it. It was a very nice friendship band though.


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