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Color Run Finish

This week’s posts will be a little late as J has been sick at home for the past two days and my entire schedule has been thrown out of whack as I’ve just been spending time with him when I’m not at work, keeping him company and looking after him. He’s had a bad sore throat but it’s been like the man flu with him – he’s been just like a big man child! ūüôā

But I can’t wait to tell you all about the Color Run! Nicknamed the Happiest 5km on the Planet, the Color Run is an event where participants can run, walk or dance through 5kms where they will be covered in coloured powder/water by volunteers all along the way, Holi Festival-style. It’s been up and running for a few years now and I’ve always wanted to participate – it always looks like so much fun!

This year, I got together some of my friends and persuaded them to do the run with me in a team. A few people were doubtful about joining because most of my friends aren’t runners but I convinced them that we could just power walk through the event. As it turns out, most of the people taking part weren’t runners either but walkers so we fitted right in there!

Color Run, Perth

I got up early on Sunday morning and put on my white Color Run tee (which will be¬†very¬†colourful by the time the race is done!), the Color Run wrist band and head band (I turned the headband into another wrist band), an old pair of shorts and old running shoes. The event guide advised us not to wear anything we didn’t want stained with colour and also suggested we could cover our hair with a bandanna , cap or fun wigs to avoid getting colour in our hair. As it turns out, most people just went with their heads uncovered and to be honest, the colour washed out really easily but at that time I saw it as an opportunity to make some kind of goofy costume so I got us girls all some extra goofy shower caps to wear throughout the event! Everyone loved it and we totally stood out – people were walking by, commenting on our bathing caps the whole way and it made it super easy for us to find each other in the crowd throughout the event!

Color Run, Team Badass, Bathing Caps

We signed up as ‘Team Badass’, but to be honest, we should have just called ourselves Team Goofy, from the way we looked! Those bathing caps made us look so crazy but we had so much fun doing it!

The train was jam-packed on the way to the race and by the time we got to the event, the first wave of runners/walkers were just taking off. We lined up in the Start Chute where the runners/walkers would move through, waiting for our turn to actually start the race. The event managers and emcees did a great job of playing lively music, throwing out freebies to volunteers along the way and stationing a group of¬†emcees (including one dressed up as the ‘Magic Runicorn’) at the start, taking turns to rev up the crowd. The emcees did a great job of getting the crowd going all through the morning and we spotted them after the race, taking to a stage with music playing, encouraging a crowd to dance and throw extra packets of colour over each other! We all agreed that the emcees did a really good job!

Getting wave after wave of runners/walkers through the start chute did seem to take forever, though, and before we had even started the race, we saw the first wave of participants already running back, finished with their event! Despite the emcees’ and volunteers’ best efforts, we were chafing a little to get started (we only ended up taking off a full 45 minutes after the race had actually started and one of our team members unfortunately had to leave halfway through the race as she had other social commitments and hadn’t counted on the run taking so long to start). Also, after the excitement and anticipation of starting, it was a little anticlimactic to start and find ourselves walking/running almost a km before we actually got to any of the Colour Zones. I had thought there would be Colour Zones stationed throughout the entire race but it turns out that each zone was set about a km¬†apart each.

The first zone we got to was the Blue Zone the volunteers must have been growing tired or something (and to be fair, it was was a full 45 minutes after the race had started and most of them nut have been there from way early in the morning)¬†because most of them seemed pretty lacklustre and it almost felt like we¬†had to pep them up and get them to throw colour on us. I was beginning to think the race wasn’t as great as it seemed when we got to the second zone, the Green Zone.¬†That¬† was a lot better – the volunteers were far more lively (and mischievous) and the air was filled with a green haze as they cheerfully tossed green powder all over us and everyone was laughing and having a good time! The race got much better after that and the volunteers at all the other zones were much more pepped up too. We were hoping to get as much colour all over us as possible and we ended up doing like some of the others, grabbing handfuls of powder off the ground and tossing it on each other! (P.S. all colour is made of food starch and is 100% natural and safe).

As mentioned above, most of the girls in my group weren’t keen runners so we actually enjoyed our time between the Zones, chatting with each other – it almost felt as if we were just out for a girls’ walk, catching up on what was going on with each other! We¬†all agreed we were glad that unlike many other running/walking events, the Color Run was a lot more chilled out and simply more focused on just having fun rather than on speed times or running the whole way through. When we got to the end, more volunteers were handing out extra packets of colour and we had lots of fun dousing each other with yet more colour!

Color Run, Jump, Perth, 2014

One thing I definitely had to give kudos to the event organisers for was their crates of free water bottles they kept handing out. One of my friends is very much into sustainable living and she recognised the organisation who provided the water as an environmentally-friendly, sustainable group and we were all really glad that the Color Run event organisers were so thoughtful and went to all the trouble of obtaining a free sustainable water supply for its participants!

As I said, there was a big stage with more music and colour-throwing going on as well as plenty of food trucks by the time we were done so there was lots to do even after the event! There was also a Cleaning Zone where you could run through and kind of get hosed down but there was a line and we agreed we wanted to go home and show our ‘colourific’ selves off to our family (and maybe chase them down with a colourful hug or something! Plus, I promised J he could hose me down in the backyard and I think he had a lot of fun doing so – I was standing there mock-cowering in fear while he choose which setting he wanted with the backyard hose: “Spray – Shower – Mist – oh, look, Maz, full-on jet spray”) so we headed to the train station. Here, the Color Run organisers showed their thoughtfulness again by providing free plastic ponchos so we wouldn’t mess up the trains. Again, we looked totally goofy but it just added to the fun of it all!

We parted at the station and all agreed that the Colour Run was super fun. It gave us girls a chance to catch up while getting in some exercise and having a lot of fun with the colour and our costumes, and we definitely would do it again next year!


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