Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder, PerthIt’s been a while since I’ve climbed Jacob’s Ladder, which is roughly around 200-plus steps. I think the last time I climbed it seriously was while I was training for Mt Kinabalu and after that, I’ve only done an occasional climb every now and then. This week, since I had about 45 minutes spare after work, I thought I’d try it again.

I’m pretty pleased to find that I can still climb the ladder easily after spending such a long time away – which means my fitness level hasn’t gotten too bad lately! I still remember the first time my friend and I decided to try Jacob’s Ladder. We looked over and went, ‘Oh, yeah, that looks really easy!’ Then nearly died on the way up. But it’s pretty easy to get used to it and by our second weekly visit, we were pounding the steps like pros, though I’m always slow on the way down because I get slight vertigo from these stairs. I’m not sure why because heights don’t really scare me!

The best thing about Jacob’s Ladder? The view from the top makes the climb so worth it.

So last evening I did Jacob’s Ladder and managed to get in about 5 climbs up and down before I had to head off to pick J up from work! It was great and my calves don’t hurt too bad this morning though I took it easy and did a 2km run/walk around the park. I’m really pleased with what I’ve been doing fitness-wise this year – the Fitbit has really done a great job of keeping me on track because I really want to get my 10,000 steps each day and has made the challenge of just getting out of the door to do something that much easier. In fact, I’m doing so well right now that I’m even thinking about doing a half-marathon! I’ve got exactly 20 weeks, starting from last week, to train for the HBF Run for A Reason in May, but more on that later!


  1. Hi,
    I am not familiar with where this is. In Montreal there is a St. Joseph’s Cathedral and shrine with lengthy step that people travel far to reach there so as to climb them as they are like the miracles performed and some folks have been healed and such in having their prayers answered. When I was young, I would visit with my relatives in Montreal and always they would take me there to make the climbing.

    When I got married, I took my husband his parents to visit St Joseph’s Cathedral and I think they did the climb as well. I think, it has been over a decade now. I don’t travel anywhere since no income of my own and many phobias of folks following me.

    I like this blog, thank you very much.


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