Broccoli and Sunny-Side Up Eggs

broccoli, egg, sunny side up

Earlier this week, I made a big bowl of broccoli, stir-fried in a little oyster sauce but still crispy and green. I intended it as a side dish for dinner but I made so much we ended up having lots of broccoli leftover so I wrapped it up in saran wrap and put it away in the fridge.

For the rest of the week, I’ve been snacking on the broccoli on and off whenever I’ve been peckish. It reminded me once again of what a great idea it is to prep fruits and vegetables for snacking over the week. If I had two heads of broccoli in my vegetable crisper that needed washing, chopping and cooking beforehand, I wouldn’t bother, but if the broccoli is sitting in a bowl ready to eat at hand, I find I’m more willing to eat it. It also felt really good to be able to get in lots of greens especially after the Christmas and New Year season of eating lots of bad food and drinking lots of wine!

Broccoli, greens, vegetables, white bowl

My favourite thing to do with the broccoli as a snack or quick meal at the moment is to heat some of the broccoli up in a bowl in the microwave. While it’s heating up, I heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry an egg sunny-side up. Then I sprinkle a small spoonful of white sesame seeds over the broccoli and top it with the egg. So easy and quick and yum! I love it especially when I break the egg and that hot tasty yolk soaks into the broccoli and gives it more taste.

broccoli, egg, sunny side up

If you want to make it more of a meal, try boiling some soba noodles really quickly in a pot before draining and mixing with a couple of spoonfuls of soy sauce, sesame oil and a dash of sugar. Add the noodles to the broccoli and top with the egg and there you have it – a quick, healthy meal all ready for your consumption!

broccoli, egg, sunny side up, sesame seeds, white, bowl, green


  1. Thank you for sharing. Snack away.


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