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Bread in Common

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On the weekend, I met up with a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in ages along with her adorable four-year-old son. We arranged to meet at Bread in Common, a restaurant in Fremantle both of us haven’t been to and have been dying to try since it opened. I mean, the name alone… Bread in Common. How cute is it? And of course we had to have bread while we were at Bread in Common!

The restaurant itself is is a large roomy space with exposed brickwork and ceiling beams. I’ve noticed a lot of new restaurants in Perth tend to go for the exposed brick look these days. I actually quite like it myself though we found it pretty funny when my friend’s son kept insisting, “They haven’t finished the place yet!” and we had to explain to him that the exposed brickwork was done on purpose.

As I’ve been eating out and drinking quite a bit since last week, I decided to eschew the alcohol options and made straight for the healthy choices on the menu instead. We all ordered freshly made juices with beetroot, carrot and one or two other ingredients I can’t remember now! We then decided to share a few dishes, including a broccoli, amaranth and quinoa salad, a mushroom and cabbage dish, a plate of coarse Polish sausages and a plate of bread with olive oil and dukkah to dip. I was a little disappointed by the broccoli and amaranth dish, but the mushrooms, sausages and bread really hit the spot.  The olive oil came in a cute little bottle with a stopper which I thought was great as we didn’t need to worry about running out of oil for our bread. And the staff were really lovely too and got us plenty of extra bread for us when we ran out – the bread was just so good! They were also really good about coming by to ensure we had everything we needed while the food came very quickly – a good thing as we were all starving! All in all, we agreed we would definitely be coming back to Bread in Common again sometime soon.


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