Braces Progress Report – Third Adjustment

Yesterday, I had my third braces adjustment!

I know, I’m sorry, I meant to have the report on my second adjustment up but I got caught up with heaps of things like moving house yet again and getting back on track in the new year and after a major holiday.Things between the second and third adjustment haven’t changed too much except for the advent of Le Coil Spring – but I’ll get to that in a bit. In the meantime, it’s been pretty much the same – the good news about the second adjustment was that my teeth have been doing really well – they’ve changed so much since the first time I got my braces that it’s like some kind of miracle of metalwork. My front row got really straight and everyone I know have commented on how straight they are now. The two teeth that were higher than all the others have come down now so my entire front row is now in a beautiful, (kind of) symmetrical line, such a big difference from the first time I got my braces! I am so pleased about it! In fact, my top row is practically completely straightened now except for one little gap on the far right that remains to be closed. Mind the Gap!



My bottom row, however, is still a major works-in-progress, delays ahead, follow the flashing lights and take the detour. Two gaps are still visible on either side although they’re much smaller now and then there’s Trouble Tooth, the one that’s so completely turned on its side that my orthodontist still isn’t able to fix a bracket on it. There has been progress made on Trouble Tooth, though, because it used to be that I couldn’t even fit an interdental brush in between the teeth on either side of it. Well, ever since my second adjustment, it’s gotten much better till the point where I could fit an interdental brush in on the right side of Trouble Tooth, though not on the left side. And now, at this third adjustment, my orthondotist has decided to put a coil spring over the tooth to help it hurry up a little.


What is a coil spring? Well, basically it looks like what it sounds like, a little coiled spring, and it’s supposed to help create space between the teeth, so there will finally be room for Trouble Tooth to finish its damn turning round so it faces frontwards like all the other teeth. Then we get get to the business of closing in all the gaps to a beautiful chorus line! For more info on what a coil spring is, check out this link, which gives a great summary of what all these esoteric bits and pieces of brace-gear are and this forum page where fellow metal-mouths discuss having coil springs.

From what I’ve seen on the forum, I’m glad I’ve only  had one little coil spring put in, stretching over a space of three teeth (Trouble Tooth and the two teeth on either side of it), because apparently it hurts like crazy. I have to admit, getting my braces tightened at each adjustment was never a major pain for me, the main pain was actually getting used to all that metal in my mouth. But the coil does add a certain tightness that I noticed right away and I guess it needs to be that way because its function is to hurry up the job of the archwire and create space right away. I have had trouble biting down on food since I’ve got the coil in but I’m hoping it will only take a few days to a week before I get used to the new pressure. In the meantime, well, it’s not really stopped me from eating – nothing stops me from eating! I’m like a zombie, I eat at all costs. 😀

And the best thing about the coil spring? I had it put in in the morning and when I got home last night, it has created space! Not a yawning chasm or anything like that, but visibly enough that I tried and found I could now fit my interdental brush in on both sides of Trouble Tooth! All right!! Whooooo! Go, coil spring!

Now I just can’t wait to see how much progress is going to be made in the next six weeks till my next adjustment – hopefully, enough that we can get a bracket on Trouble Tooth!

Below: Side views of my teeth after the third adjustment. Mind the gaps! :p

Right 2











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