Braces Progress Report – Fourth Adjustment


This week was double teeth time…

On Monday I had an appointment with my periodontist and on Tuesday, I saw my orthodontist!

My periodontist appointment took about 40 minutes and it was painful! I definitely do not enjoy having someone scrap the back and front of my teeth hard with a sharp metal hook – talk about chalk screeching on blackboards! And when she’s cleaning around the tender gums, owiee….

I definitely got a talking to by my periodontist – I must admit, though I’ve definitely gotten better at flossing twice a day, I’ve been a bit lax with my brushing! I’ve been trying to hurry it, brushing hard and fast, rather than small, gentle, circular motions close to the gum line. My periodontist gave me a good talking to, warning me that with my braces on, I have to super meticulous with my teeth brushing or risk decay! That snapped me out of it – I didn’t want to have to contend with tooth decay right after I get my braces off! Definitely not after all I’ve gone through with the braces!

So I’ve vowed to be a good girl and brush and floss my teeth well so my periodontist will be happy with me when we meet again in three months!

She also recommended this:

Tooth Mousse

The GC tooth mousse is supposed to be good for folks with sensitive teeth and for ‘mineralising’  your teeth. From what my periodontist told me and what I’ve read in the instruction leaflet, the mousse is a water-based creme containing Recaldent and incorporated fluoride and is supposed to provide extra help in fighting plaque and bacteria.

You can pretty much guess that the moment I saw the word ‘mousse’, I was intrigued. A dessert that will help keep my teeth clean? All right!

The mousse comes in three different flavours – strawberry, vanilla and mint. I opted for the vanilla and I must say the flavour’s pretty yummalicious. (I swear I wasn’t eating it!) What you’re supposed to do is rub a little of it over your teeth after your morning/night brushing, leave it for a minimum of three minutes, then use your tongue to spread the remainder of the mousse around your mouth. Pretty simple! I’ve already tried it once and am keen to see how effective this will be, especially after reading the reviews on Amazon. One word of warning though: folks with a milk protein or hydroxybenzoates allergy – this is not for you!

Here’s to sparkly shiny clean teeth!


My trip to the orthodontist was pretty uneventful and also pretty quick – we were done in about five minutes. My  new archwires are tighter but once again, they are not painful. I’m relieved about that because a friend of mine had braces before I did and whenever she had them tightened, her teeth ached for at least a day or two after. I’m glad that I have the orthodontist my dentist recommended me because apart from his being really nice and friendly, his readjustments never cause me pain!

Below are the pictures of my  braces after my fourth adjustment. Soo happy with how the top teeth are going – I hope the bottom row are gonna catch up soon!

I also put on a little lippy in a soft red shade to try and beautify my usually pretty dry and chapped lips for the pics. Unfortunately, it didn’t do too much! Someday, maybe I’d finally be able to take a good picture of my brace mouth! :S






    • MarilynChin

      Hi Zat. Sorry for the late reply! Good luck with your braces! I haven’t really updated my progress on braces but I got them off a couple of years ago and my teeth feel great! I can’t remember much of it now, though. I don’t think they added a bracket once it rotated – or if they did, I can’t remember. I do remember my ortho putting on bands later on to help close the gaps. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, it has been a while!


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