Braces Progress Report – First Adjustment

Braces - what hurt

I had my first adjustment this week! It’s now been six weeks since I first got braces. Happily, there’s been quite a bit of movement with my teeth. My front top row is definitely much straighter and one tooth has magically moved downwards to join the rest of its fellow teeth! The gaps where I had teeth extracted are also much smaller. My orthodontist even commented on how quickly my teeth moved and decided to insert a new wire in my top front row, apparently something he doesn’t often do in the first adjustment. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!

If you’ve read my previous post, you would have known that the cleats on my molar bands had been annoying me. However, it is true what everyone says – your mouth does eventually get used to it. I had forgotten all about the cleats by the time I got to my orthodontist – they had more or less stopped bugging me so I totally forgot to ask him to file them down. It is true – all you need is some time to get used to braces. Those first few weeks might seem like forever in hell (I know, I’ve been there!) but like everything, time does heal all wounds!

However, the next day, the cleat plus the bottom wire was bothering me more than usual so I decided to give the orthodontist a quick call and nip this problem into the bud before it got any worse. It was better than I hoped for – they managed to fit me in right that afternoon. It was a different orthodontist and he kind of jammed the bottom wire down so it wouldn’t perform its usual garrotting attempt on my inner bottom lip and he also did something with the molar band cleat too. Miracle!

Moral of the story? If your braces are annoying you, don’t wait to see if things will be all right. Call the orthodontist right away and see if something can be done. Usually it can and you’d no longer be bothered by the pain. You might as well – after all, you’re paying big bucks for it!

I was prepared for a lot of pain and not being able to eat when I had my first adjustment. I remembered the time another friend had her braces adjusted and she could only manage soup for the first couple of days. However, my adjustment went totally fine. The braces were much tighter around my teeth, but that’s to be expected. There was no pain at all and I had absolutely no problems with eating after adjustment.

The only minus? Talking! Having braces adjusted meant I had to get used to them all over again and I kept lisping which was so annoying and embarrassing. It’s been a few days now and the lisp is getting better… it’s like trying to talk around a pair of fake vampire fangs. Not fun!

Before and After Braces Pics Progress Report:

This is right after I just got braces. Check out how wonky my teeth look here:

First Braces

First Braces (2)

First Braces

Right after the first adjustment:

Side (2)SideAdjustment 1 Front

Check out how much straighter they are now! And how the tooth on my left side is definitely much more in line with the rest of my teeth rather than how it used to be high up there!

Side note: While I wrote this right after my first adjustment, it’s now been a little over a month before I finally got around to posting this…and now I’m due for my second adjustment at the end of this month! (It was actually due last week but I forgot all about it and had to reschedule – oops!) I can’t wait for the adjustment and my teeth are definitely much straighter now than they were even from the first adjustment! Will be sharing photos after the second adjustment as soon as it’s done – I promise, no delays this time!


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