Book Review: The Doorkeeper by Steen Jones

The Doorkeeper, fantasy, Steen Jones, mother, daughter, book review

A little while back I interviewed author Steen Jones about her upcoming debut book, The Doorkeeper. The book is due for release on February 20 and I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of the book to review!

Eden Saunders is an artist and single mother about to open her very own art gallery. She’s happy, busy and contented, and ready to put the tragedies of her past behind. But that’s all about to change when her daughter Gabby starts asking questions about Eden’s parentage. Eden always knew she was adopted and there were mysterious circumstances surrounding her birth, but she was more than happy to let sleeping dogs lie… until now, especially with the recent dreams she’s been having about her birth mother. All this prompts Eden to head to Italy in an attempt to find out more about who she is and where she came from. Little does she know, there’s a lot more to this than she realized and it’s all connected with a mysterious door in the middle of a field which Eden has long been drawn to.

The Doorkeeper is touted as a fantasy book but it’s more than that – it’s also a tale of the bond shared between mother and daughter. The relationship between Eden and Gabby is heartwarming and delightful, and a big part of what drives the story. In fact, more than anything, it is the relationships between Eden and her friends, her family and the people she would meet along her journey that truly drives The Doorkeeper. As you can guess, there is also a strong female arc, for it is Eden’s desires and that of the other women of the book which set things in motion, for better or for worse.

Jones isn’t afraid of tackling tragedy either – Eden lost her husband early on in her marriage and she must also deal afresh with the loss of her birth mother, two incidents which make her simultaneously eager yet cautious to tackle the new experiences that lie before her. There’s her daughter to consider too – and it’s interesting seeing how Eden balances her desire to rush into new worlds with the responsibility she feels to keep her child safe at all costs.

Did I say new worlds? Let’s not forget the fantasy aspect of The Doorkeeper! Jones has created a number of different worlds, both quirky and dark, playful and sinister. And she doesn’t just stop at fantasy worlds either, breathing life into earthly locales such as Positano, Italy, so much so if she hadn’t confessed it in her interview, I wouldn’t have realized she’s never actually been to the place herself!

The Doorkeeper is a story about love, family and trust, loss and grief and finding courage in the face of our fears. It is a story about a woman’s journey into new and fantastic worlds, yes, but even more so it’s a story about the age-old realization that, more than anything, no matter where we are, it is our loved ones that make a true home for us.

Readers interested in purchasing a copy of The Doorkeeper can preorder now via Amazon or Smashwords. The Doorkeeper is out February 20th and to celebrate, Royal James Publishing and Steen Jones are hosting a couple of giveaways! To enter the first giveaway, click here or visit Royal James Publishing’s Facebook page to enter to win a signed copy of The Doorkeeper and a $20 Amazon gift card.

The Doorkeeper, Steen Jones, Royal James Publishing, book review

The Doorkeeper, Steen Jones, Royal James Publishing, book review

The Doorkeeper, book tour, blog banner, review, Steen Jones, fantasy


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