Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

Body Shop, Exfoliate, Scrub, Squeaky Clean, Tea Tree Oil

Are you ready? Because I’m going to give you my number one tried and tested tip to banishing blemishes.

When I was a teen, I struggled with major acne. Major acne. My face was super oily and it didn’t help that I grew up in Malaysia where the hot, humid and polluted climate exacerbated the oiliness. The worst of it were the big red bumps that appeared on my nose – they were horrendous and could not be hid! I tried everything – facial cleansers and exfoliating scrubs that promised to get rid of the problem, extremely painful facials where the beautician went at you with thin metal hooks in an attempt to squeeze each pimple (now that I think back on it, I probably would not recommend this to anyone – the possibilities of scarring, for example, which I was lucky to avoid) and those nose pore strips that promised to magically absorb the clogging blackheads and dirt from each and every pore  (a lot of fun to use but I can’t say it actually got rid of any pimples).

Thankfully, however, by the time I reached my late teens, it seemed as if those pimple-causing hormones finally found their balance and most of my pimples miraculously vanished, leaving me with a, for the most part, clear face. It wasn’t until I graduated from university and started life as an office worker that I began to realise those pimples were coming back. Not in the horrible massive red eruptions I experienced as a kid but just little ones here and there – a few occasional pimples on cheeks, forehead and chin. I thought it might be due to the dry office air and the stress I’d been experiencing, but it was also probably due to the fact that I’d never had a very healthy diet either.

So when I started to exercise regularly (particularly outdoors in the fresh air), drank plenty of water and ate healthily (which meant eating loads of salads with plenty of fresh greens and tomatoes), I found my face started to clear up more than ever. But I still had the occasional little outbreak of pimples, nothing very big or noticeable, but enough to annoy me. One day my friend said she used to have the same problem and suggested using an exfoliating scrub two or three times a week on top of my usual routine with a facial cleanser (Dr Lewinn’s Gentle Cream Cleanser, if you’re interested). I remembered that Body Shop also did a great anti-blemish Tea Tree Oil range so I decided to have a browse of their selection the next time I went by. The salesgirl was really helpful and suggested using the Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub.

Body Shop, Exfoliate, Scrub, Squeaky Clean, Tea Tree Oil

Heaven praise the Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub! Ever since I started using the scrub, I’ve never looked back. I’ve never had any pimples either, unless I’ve been really unhealthy and stressed lately, and usually any pimples that threaten to appear then are quickly vanquished after a couple of uses with the scrub. I also love the bright, cool, bursting ‘fizziness’ of the exfoliating beads and how fresh and clean my face feels afterwards. It’s such a great feel after a particularly long, hot and dusty day. Even my partner admitted to using it in the shower because he liked the fizzy feel of it!

The scrub gets really foamy really fast so you only have to use a small amount each time. I’d recommend only using it two or three times a week or every other day, unless you feel a major pimple coming on, in which case I’d use it every day for a few days until the pimple is gone! I wouldn’t say that just using the scrub would guarantee you gorgeous skin – but I think that in combination with a healthy diet, lots of water, fresh air and regular exercise, you can pretty much anticipate good skin all the year round. This scrub is definitely one of my favourite beauty products – and, no, I haven’t been paid for this, I just wanted to share a product that definitely works for me. (Although if the Body Shop wanted to offer me a free supply of the Squeaky Clean Scrub, I definitely wouldn’t say no!)


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