Beaufort Street Festival

Yesterday, we dropped by the Beaufort Street Festival. It’s an annual event celebrating Beaufort Street, which is this fun cafe strip in Mt Lawley that has a lot of great restaurants, small bars, little boutiques and indie shops. The street is closed down for the day and along the street and down little side alleys, there are stalls selling art, food, face painting and knickknacks,bands and street performers like these two cool creatures here.



There were cute decorations on the trees and someone had placed large knitted quilt-like pieces over the street signs so they almost looked like they had been yarn-bombed.

IMG_1469And check out this great ‘bicycle bar’.

IMG_1468We stopped by Enrique’s School for to Bullfighting (I’m not sure why it’s called ‘for to’, but that’s the right name!), a new pop-up bar next to the Beaufort Street Merchant (a favourite restaurant) which is its older sibling venue. The full list of ingredients isn’t listed for the pitcher of Pimms we ordered but you could definitely taste sweet lychee and mint – perfect for the hot summer’s day.

We also ordered a dish of sherry chorizo with olorosso, olives, sofrito, morcilla and chilli – and a poached duck egg on the top.IMG_1464

You can’t see the chorizo under the egg in the picture but it was yum! It came with grilled bread on the side which was great for dipping into the egg yolk and chorizo sauce.

The pop-up bar will stay open until mid-February and I’m pretty sure we’ll be popping back in to try some of their other dishes with ingredients like organic reggiano parmesan ice-cream and avocado cream.

IMG_1465It was a great day and I can’t wait for next year’s festival to come around. The Beaufort Street Festival has only been around for the past few years but it’s such a great concept and a great way to spend the day!


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