Artist’s Date: Ballet at the Quarry

Ballet at the Quarry, West australian ballet, perth, outdoors, amphitheatre, artist's date

Earlier this week, we went to see Takuto: Ballet at the Quarry!

I’ve always wanted to go to the ballet at the Quarry Amphitheatre in City Beach. As you can guess by the name, it’s an amphitheatre set in an old limestone quarry and everyone has always said how beautiful the outdoor setting is. This year, I finally got to head down there to watch the West Australian Ballet’s performance of Takuto.

We got there an hour early to collect our picnic hamper and sit on our blankets, drinking wine and watching the dancers warm up. The weather was cool and breezy, with predictions of storms the following day, but that evening was a perfect balmy twilight. I was a little worried about whether we’d get good seats as it was a last-minute decision to head to the ballet, but I needn’t worry – I think you could pretty much be assured of a good view anywhere in the amphitheatre.

There are chairs built into the tiers further up, but I preferred the grassy tiers where we sat lower down much better as we could spread out with our picnic blankets and our food. We saw plenty of other people bringing picnics in some of the sweetest wicker baskets I’ve seen.

One thing we did agree we should take with us next time were a couple of cushions as sitting on the ground can get a little hard, even with our blankets. And a makeshift wine stand to balance our wine glasses on so they wouldn’t tip on the grass and spill!

Ballet at the Quarry, West australian ballet, perth, outdoors, amphitheatre, artist's date

As the sun set, the performance began with The Clearest Light, followed by Eric Gauthier’s Ballet 101 which provoked a few laughs and lots of applause for the soloist’s stamina! Next was In Transit, which was probably my favourite of the performances that night, followed by Takuto, another work by Eric Gauthier accompanied by Japanese drums.

It was another fun artist’s date to go on and there was a full moon that night as well to complete the scene. I loved the drama of the choreography and the skills of the dancers – I have so much admiration for them! And the performances have given me a lot of ideas for my writing too, which I can’t wait to incorporate. It was definitely a magical night and I can’t wait to go again next time Ballet at the Quarry is on.


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