Ankle Boots: Comfy vs Cool

Portmans Ankle Boots

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Ugg Boots

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Thanks to the magic of Ozsale, I finally caved in a few weeks ago and bought myself a pair of Ugg boots. Yep. I could resist that siren call no more! And when they arrived in the mail and I slipped them on for the first time, I was so glad I got them. Nothing could be more comfy than coming in out of the rainy, cold, wet dark and slipping your feet into a pair of fluffy warm sheepskin-lined booties. They’re the perfect shoes for wearing about the house (I haven’t yet graduated to wearing them out of doors yet, but who knows?) All I know is, my feet love me for these Ugg booties.

Around the same time, I was on the hunt for new winter boots as all my old pairs finally fell apart on me last winter. I’m desperately seeking a pair of sleek, streamlined, knee-high black boots with high heels but so far all I’m finding this year are knee high boots with a flat sole to high heeled boots that are too chunky and Goth-y for me. So I’ve decided to postpone my search for the perfect knee-high boot till next winter and instead got myself a pair of too-cute black ankle boots from Portmans. How awesome are they? I love them so much and they look so good, right down to the gold zips and the jaunty little tassels. The only down side? I do feel the pinch in my feet if I wear them out for too long so I usually save them for a day out when I know I’m mostly going to be sitting at a table, having a drink rather than walking or standing for long periods of time! Plus, I always seem to have more trouble walking in ankle boots versus long boots. Does anyone else have this problem?

Now this is strictly a fun question as there is no wrong answer (they’re all right!): which of these booties do you prefer? Comfy or Cool?


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