Alabama Shakes


I’m about to head out to the Big Day Out this Australia Day weekend and looking at the line-up when I saw a band I hadn’t thought of in a long time – the Alabama Shakes!

The Alabama Shakes is one of those bands that I vaguely remember hearing over the radio and knowing that I liked them but if you’d ask me to pinpoint a song of theirs, I don’t think I’d be able to do that. So I did what anyone else would do – I YouTubed them!

And I was surprised on two accounts – one, I had thought the lead singer of the band was a guy – but it was really a girl! And two, what a voice she has! The Alabama Shakes have a very bluesy, folksy sound and Brittany Howard is like some sort of reborn Janis Joplin. And that one song of theirs that I vaguely knew I liked – Hold On? Well, it’s not the only song I’ve liked. They’ve got so many good songs and so many great live performances on YouTube – I know I can’t wait to see them live this weekend!

Photo credit: Autumn de Wilde via The Fun Star

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