Advent Calendar Quote #13

Christmas Advent  Calendar Quote 13 - Partride in a Pear Tree

I’m a couple of days behind on my Christmas Advent Calendar Quotes as I ended up spending the weekend away from my laptop. The summer has just gotten so oppressive and sweltering last week that I didn’t really feel as if I could spend it in front of my laptop (which also has a tendency to get so hot it can overheat if I’m not careful!). So we ended up spending most of the weekend out and about and I’m kind of glad I did it. But now I’m planning to catch up on my Christmas quotes!

On the weekend just past, we’ve entered the last 12 days before Christmas and so I wanted to put this quote up on the first of the 12 days! It was also a great reason for me to use the bird graphics on PicMonkey!


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