Advent Calendar Quote #1


It’s the second day of December! Where did this year go? I know I say this every year but time really feels like it’s flew by this year. It makes me feel old!

It’s exactly 23 days to Christmas if you’re not counting Christmas Day itself. I don’t know why, but I am in quite the Christmas mood this year! Usually I’m not… it takes a while for me to get into the Christmas mood. But this year, I’ve got Christmas carols in my head and I’m already thinking up Christmas gifts and Christmas stories to get into the mood.

This Sunday marks the first Sunday of the Advent season (Yup, this is my Catholic upbringing coming out in me). One thing I would say is that I did love Catholic Christmases. I particularly loved the church decorations with the wreaths and the candles and the ceremonial masses. I have a thing for pomp and ceremony and tradition and costumes in church masses, they tend to make up for the length and all that kneeling and standing and our priest’s particularly long sermons!

The one thing we never did have, however, were advent calendars. I didn’t even find out what advent calendars were until some five years ago! As a kid, I would have probably loved the chocolate advent calendars… however, now that I’m older (and trying to stave off most of the gluttony until it’s a little closer to Christmas – I’ve already overeaten this weekend while out with friends and I don’t even want to look at chocolate right now!). But I thought I’d take a closer look at creating an advent calendar that’s a bit closer to the spirit of Christmas than just chocolates  by putting up a new post each day for the next 23 days until Christmas, with a little quote or book passage or carol lyric that’s pertinent to Christmas – something inspirational or funny or nostalgic about Christmas. This will be in addition to my usual posts and just a fun way of getting into the spirit of Christmas (plus another fun way to exercise some creativity this year for me!)


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