A salon is: a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host or a salonnière, held to refine the tastes and increase the knowledge of its participants through conversation; an exchange of ideas; aims to please or to educate; to provoke debate and passion; to amuse and entertain; to converse and engage; to create and express oneself; to inspire and be inspired by.

The Salonnière is:a writer who is seeking new avenues to express herself; a lover of arts, fashion, books, movies, plays, music, philosophy and meeting new people; an enthusiast of the 16th and 17th century French and Italian salons given by intrepid and engaging salonnières where guests gathered to discuss a variety of ideas and interests; the Salonnière has always hoped to hold her own modern-day salons and now she plans to do so in a fittingly modern manner (on the Internet, where else?) to converse on all manner of topics that she finds inspiring – and which she hopes you will too.

The Salonnière’s Apartments are: a lifestyle ‘apartment’ blog with rooms that incorporate all the things I love which inspire me and fuel my passion for life – travel, books and writing, photography and cool, creative projects; health and fitness, reflections on what I’ve learned and am still learning about life.


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